Why PSIGEN Is a Document Capture Software Leader

Setting the Record Straight on an Industry Myth.

Like many industries, the document management space is fiercely competitive. And as one of the major players in the industry, PSIGEN is often faced with various competitive arguments from other companies. We frequently encounter a claim that PSIGEN is a “small company” that isn’t capable of handling large cases. This argument comes in many forms, from “PSIGEN is just two guys in a garage” (not quite) to “PSIGEN doesn’t even operate out of an office” (it’s true that PSIGEN is a virtual company, but you can learn about why that isn’t a disadvantage in this blog post).

However the argument is made, it’s generally a cheap shot and, more importantly, it’s completely untrue. While PSIGEN might not have a huge corporate office and thousands of employees, it is a leader in the document capture and data extraction space, and its technologies are the most advanced in the industry.

Here are 3 reasons why calling PSIGEN a “small company” is a total misnomer:

  1. PSIGEN has become a major player in the document management industry over its past 20 years in business. In that time, PSIGEN has completed more than 35,000 installs of our software. Since it was rolled out, there have been roughly 3,500 installations of PSIcapture. PSIGEN software is currently used by numerous successful organizations, such as Microsoft Legal, the State of Louisiana, Shell and Denver International Airport. And while the company is virtual, it certainly isn’t two guys in a garage. PSIGEN is made up of a full team of employees—from software developers and sales engineers to professional services, marketing, quality assurance experts and more. Our employees are spread out across the United States and even internationally, which makes for a diverse, well-rounded and experienced team.
  2. PSIGEN’s software is designed for scalability. While it certainly works well for small business needs, it can easily be implemented in very large organizations. For instance, the State of Louisiana’s solution includes 4,000 installations of PSIfusion and more than 5,000 users. PSIGEN has never had to turn away a customer because the job was too large. The software is built to be able to scale up or down in practically any way the organization needs it to. An additional benefit that goes hand in hand with scalability is the low cost of ownership over time. At PSIGEN, we treat your purchase of document capture and data extraction tools as an investment, and we’ve come up with a pricing model that truly reflects that. While the one-size-fits-all approach to pricing taken by many of our rivals might seem beneficial up-front, we’re happy to show you why PSIGEN’s pricing model really puts the customer’s best interest first, especially when considering the cost of ownership of the software over time.
  3. PSIGEN has an expansive reseller network. At PSIGEN, we dedicate ourselves to building strong partnerships and equipping our resellers to provide great solutions for their customers. This dedication is evidence in the more than 800 reseller locations we have across the globe. Our resellers consistently produce amazing results—not because we burden them with quotas or unfair expectations, but because they are provided with unparalleled support and products that were designed with the best interest of the customer in mind.

The reality is, when you have a strong competitor with an outstanding product, it’s easier to make arguments that address superficial perceptions rather than the performance of the product. Don’t buy into the hype. Interested in a document capture solution that can help your business (small, large or anything in between) automate document processes and become more efficient? Look no further. Chat with a PSIGEN sales representative today at (949) 916-7700 or email us at sales@psigen.com

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