PSIcapture 5.4 Document Capture Software’s Latest Enhancements

A Roundup of our Latest Releases

It’s a busy time at PSIGEN, full of growth, improvement and developing new ways to make document capture easy and efficient for our customers. We’re rolling out lots of great new features and enhancements to help provide even better experiences for our users.

The newest feature we’ve added to our repertoire is the Canon ScanFront 330 Panel Integration. This new integration makes routing documents from the ScanFront 330 to PSIcapture extremely quick and simple by allowing the user to choose the document’s destination at scan time from the options on the configurable panel. Read more about the panel.

We’re also excited to announce the release of PSIcapture Version 5.4. The newest version of PSIcapture has a host of new features and enhancements aimed at improving user experiences and increasing efficiency. The most notable feature addition is the Accelerated Classification Engine (ACE). ACE is a new feature within the Classification Module that allows users to create custom classification form definitions on the fly in the middle of a production batch. This new ability is important because it allows Classification to more easily adapt to changes in an organization’s needs. Instead of having to preconfigure the form definitions before scanning, users now have the added convenience of being able to build these definitions during the workflow. This saves time and transforms Classification into an adaptable, more user-friendly module. Learn more about ACE.

PSIcapture 5.4 has several other new feature enhancements to help improve your document capture workflow. You can read the full list of updates here.

It’s PSIGEN’s hope that by constantly improving and enhancing our products, we can continue to exceed the expectations of our customers and partners. If you’d like to learn more about adding PSIGEN to your organization’s workflow solution or becoming a partner, send a note to our sales team or check out our reseller page.

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