Many organizations are taking advantage of the advanced capabilities of multi-function printers (MFPs).

One of the great functions of an MFP is the ability to connect to servers and networks, and scan documents to create digital copies. Storing documents digitally can allow your organization to reduce or eliminate the amount of physical files that need to be stored—helping to reduce cost and improve productivity within your workforce.

What are the benefits of PSIcapture in an MFP environment?

  • Automate document separation using barcode generation or PSIcapture’s Classification module equipped with the Accelerated Classification Engine (ACE)
  • Automatically create organizational structures and file naming standards to avoid manual entry during scan time
  • Seamlessly migrate searchable PDFs to more than 60 ECM systems
  • Convert scanned documents into searchable PDFs using advanced optical character recognition (OCR) technology


With its compact design and networked scanning capabilities, the Canon ScanFront 330 is the perfect scanner for multiple-user office environments. PSIGEN’s routing panel for the Canon ScanFront 330 provides for a quicker, more efficient workflow for users who scan documents using these scanners.

The panel displays a set of buttons representing various document categories. Users can select the appropriate category and scan documents, which are automatically routed to PSIcapture.


What makes PSIcapture’s Toshiba Panel so unique is that it allows the user to send documents through a full PSIcapture workflow by simply selecting a destination at scan time. The key to the Panel’s powerful functionality is in the configuration. The Panel routes scanned documents into a PSIcapture workflow, which can be fully automated to require little-to-no user intervention. PSIcapture then migrates the processed documents to the destination—an ECM or another document repository. This whole process can be accomplished by scanning with the PSIcapture Routing Panel for Toshiba.


The PSIcapture Routing panel for Sharp’s multi-function printers provides operators with a quick and easy method for routing scanned documents directly to PSIcapture. The operator presses a button on the control panel that describes the document type, and the document is routed to the appropriate location for auto-import and processing.