What Are You Thankful For?

Thanksgiving: A long celebrated American holiday in November.

It is usually celebrated with a menu of turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes & gravy, green bean casserole, stuffing, cranberries (both kinds of course) and PIE! Depending on where you live, the type of pie could vary, sweet potato, pumpkin (personal favorite), apple, mincemeat, cherry…the list goes on. It is also celebrated with a moment of grace and thanks.

Thanksgiving is also a time to spend with family. It seems that on Thanksgiving, time is used up almost too fast for activities such as, eating (obviously), watching football games, laughing, sometimes crying, and definitely reminiscing. All of these experiences are normal, acceptable, and expected on this most celebrated fowl-oriented day. But at the end of the day, we are all grateful for so many things. 

During the lead up to Thanksgiving this year, PSIGEN employees had a special event in San Antonio. It was Resonance 2018. It is our biennial (sesquiennial actually, or semi-triennial. The bottom line – every 18-months) Partners and Users Conference. The details of Resonance 2018 and the celebrations which happened there, I’ll share in a couple of weeks. But the experience was definitely thought provoking and yes, made me reminisce, appreciate, and be thankful for so much.

First, I am extremely thankful for our customers. We have partners and users around the globe. They have been amazingly loyal and energetic in their input as to how things are progressing, or not when warranted. It is with partnerships such as these that a company can rest easy that when feedback is given, or compliments paid, that they are coming from the heart, and with true concern, and wanting to help, behind them. These people want you to get better so they can enjoy the competitive edge, and high-powered offerings you make, to improve their businesses and allow their people to become more successful. I truly am thankful we have such relationships and look forward to seeing and meeting many more of our partners in the future.

I believe we can all agree that a company that is not afraid to open its’ ears and listen to the most important people in the world to them, their customers, is one to be appreciated. I am thankful to be working for such a company. I appreciate that when I am at these types of events, I see new communications start, or old ones get strengthened far beyond what a quick dinner, or some one-day seminar could ever provide. For a company that gets these ideals and is willing to put them into practice for people to experience, I am truly thankful.

Finally, I am most thankful for my team. Being a virtual company, we do not get to see each other very often. But to see people come together, from all different backgrounds, places, talents, job descriptions, ages, colors and countries and perform as one, was incredible! There was no guiding hand or puppet master, no yelling, no finger pointing, no panic stricken running around. It made you feel like it was family coming together, pulling in the same direction, and that experience felt awesome. You normally can’t expect or demand that kind of “togetherness” out of people, not at work. People show that level out of their own free will. For those in San Antonio I call workmates, thank you! Because without that kind of teamwork, daily, PSIGEN does not succeed.

Before I go, I want to thank you, our readers, for spending a few minutes reminiscing with me about “work stuff”. I’m lucky to be able to have that at work to reminisce about, and not the typical holiday time jibber jabber. I hope your holiday is warm and filled with laughter, football, pie, and most especially, family. Please travel safely and we will reconnect soon.

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at PSIGEN.

Chris Brown

Chris Brown

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