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"I don’t see how that could have been done without PSIsafe,” Podgorowiez said. “And that’s the case for a lot of things at Badia Spices."

Robert Podgorowiez, Tech Group IT Service Provider, Badia Spices, Inc. Badia Spices turned to Tech Group, its Miami-based IT service provider, to find a solution that would:

  • Automate critical AP and AR tasks
  • Vastly reduce the amount of paper used on a daily basis
  • Ease sharing of information between multiple locations
  • Allow for custom food safety documentation workflows
  • Integrate directly with a pre-existing ERP system

After a thorough search, Tech Group President Robert Podgorowiez found PSIsafe from PSIGEN. Once he discovered the breadth of the solution’s capabilities, the search was over. Badia Spices had found its document management

“Once we found PSIsafe, we didn’t continue looking at any other solutions,” Podgorowiez said. “PSIsafe offered everything Badia Spices needed, in addition to a friendly, responsive team.”

Today, invoices sent to Badia customers contain a bar code, after they are signed and returned, they are scanned
and instantly filed to the correct digital “folder” for easy retrieval and use later. A similar process is used in
accounts payable.

Badia Spices has also successfully used PSIsafe to ensure that its food safety documentation is thorough and up to date. “Auditors have told Badia Spices that it has the most organized documentation they’ve ever seen,” Podgorowiez said.
“That’s due to the fact they’re using PSIsafe.”

All told, the improvements have eliminated myriad bottlenecks, paving the way for continued growth. Since installing PSIsafe, Badia Spices revenue has nearly tripled – but its processes are so efficient that it has had to add almost no new administrative staff.

Badia Spices recently opened a new 61,000-square foot distribution center two miles from its Miami headquarters.
Documents generated in the administration building are used in the distribution facility
on a daily basis. Though the buildings are close, sharing physical documents that often
would have been nearly impossible.

To find a requested client
document when files were stored on paper, an administrator needed to walk to a filing cabinet, locate the right folder, pull out a single sheet, scan it, email it and replace it in the correct location.

Today, he or she can simply click one button in the ERP – fully integrated with PSIsafe via an API – and the document is sent automatically.

With PSIsafe, it’s easy. Both Badia Spices locations have access to the same document
repositories, eliminating delays and the potential for lost documents, and vastly simplifying collaboration.

“I don’t see how that could have been done without PSIsafe,” Podgorowiez said. “And that’s the case for a lot of things at Badia Spices.”

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