How Document Capture Software Unlocks MFP Potential

Multi-Function Printers Have Their Limits—PSIcapture Gives Them Endless Possibilities.

From value-added resellers and hardware companies to document management solution providers, PSIGEN has a wide range of partners and resellers. In this blog series, we examine the benefits of partnering with PSIGEN to offer your customers the best advanced document capture program on the market.

Today’s multifunction printers (MFPs) are far more resourceful than the copiers of the past. Whether a business wants the ability to print 100 pages per minute, produce beautiful high-resolution prints, connect to the cloud or even print from a mobile device, there’s an MFP to suit every business’s needs. MFPs also allow organizations to scan documents to create digital versions of their files. But when it comes to the scanning aspect of MFPs, is it enough to just provide companies with the hardware?

Without a document capture product, scanning documents from an MFP only produces a digital image. Sure, some MFPs will allow the user to route the scanned image to a specific folder, creating some semblance of structure to the process, but at the end of the day, the user is still left with nothing more than folders full of images that are not searchable. Thousands of files with information just waiting to be harnessed—untapped potential locked behind text the computer can’t read.

The key to accessing this valuable information and turning these static images into useful data is advanced document capture. Advanced capture does more than simply import scanned images—it transforms documents into searchable PDFs and harnesses the data.

Here are the 3 ways PSIGEN’s advanced capture program PSIcapture enhances the capabilities of an MFP:

  1. PSIcapture can integrate with any MFP to capture documents right as they are scanned. Using optical character recognition (OCR) technology, PSIcapture converts the scanned documents into searchable PDFs. PSIcapture’s Classification and Advanced Data Extraction capabilities can automatically harvest the data from the scanned documents to enhance searchability and index information to be stored in a content management system.
  2. The ability to create organization structures and file naming standards eliminates the need to manually enter document information at scan time. File names and folder structure can be automatically created during the automated capture workflow.
  3. PSIcapture’s panel integrations with Canon, Sharp and Toshiba devices provide these MFPs with an interface for quick and easy routing through the PSIcapture workflow. These panels are configurable to suit the varying needs of organizations.

PSIGEN’s advanced capture solution is the key to unlocking the potential of multifunction devices. Learn even more about PSIcapture’s MFP scanning solutions here. Ready to take an in-depth look at a PSIGEN partnership? Our capture pros are standing by to help—get in touch today!

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