Transition to Remote Workforce Collaboration More Effectively

As Americans everywhere continue their transition to makeshift home offices, Zoom meetings, and the uncomfortable realization that they’ve stress-eaten all the emergency snacks, many businesses are adjusting to a virtual work environment for the first time.

Collaboration and productivity that were taken for granted back in the office can look very different when your team members are spread out across multiple locations, but there are simple tools that can help and even increase productivity further. 

One of the biggest initial hurdles is the accessibility of information. Many offices still rely on physical documents crammed in file cabinets, stacked in drawers, and organized under an antiquated system of indexing. And who isn’t reeling from the daily deluge of email and attachments that need to be processed?

That was a liability long before coronavirus put those records out of reach of everyone who couldn’t get to work the old-fashioned way. Now it’s a potential work stopper. But with the right software, your team can upload documents to share, index, search, edit, and collaborate on – bridging the geography gap and leaving your business stronger and more nimble, even after we’re all free to return to our old desks and do happy hour the right way.

Uninterrupted & Enhanced Productivity

Whether you’re throwing documents into random folders on your desk, in a shared drive or into a cloud file share like DropBox, there are still many limitations to genuine collaboration.

PSIsafe provides true document management capabilities in the cloud, including a simple, yet powerful workflow that allows employees to upload, edit, share, analyze, and approve documents from wherever they are – from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. PSIsafe also includes auditor self-service, e-signatures, automatic document creation, automated document retention scheduling, and more.

For employers looking to manage from afar, PSIsafe allows for attendance tracking and a demerit system designed to keep your team on task. Run reports, track progress and more with a platform that’s as secure as it is powerful. 

As a result, PSIsafe becomes the central, cloud-based document repository of your business, easily accessible from any home office (without VPN). Employees can collaborate and create all within the application, ensuring that productivity is uninterrupted – even in their jammies.

Additional PSIsafe remote collaboration features:

  • Synchronized Documentation: Keep your PSIsafe document repositories in sync with our automatic systems of record
  • Third-Party Integrations: PSIGEN’s OpenAPI provides partners, clients, and OEMs the ability to safely integrate third-party applications to create expedited workflows
  • Secure Document Access: General, folder-level and document-level access restrictions gives you the confidence that employees can only access what they’re permitted to and can’t accidentally delete anything

Remote Workforce Cohesion

Electronic content management (ECM) is not only about digitally capturing documents and data, but also about instantly finding them later, wherever and whenever you need them – securely and without needing IT support.

Accounting departments, HR, legal offices, healthcare providers, and more rely on PSIsafe cloud document management as part of the glue that holds their remote workers together, especially with its web and mobile access.

Let us know if you’d like to see PSIsafe in action.

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