Top 7 Takeaways from Resonance 2016

Find out what we learned at #PSIres16

With Resonance 2016 in the books, it’s time to reflect on what we’ve learned and how it can be applied to our everyday lives as professionals in the document management industry. There was so much important material to take in and we hope everyone greatly benefited from the sessions and discussion opportunities.

Here are our 7 big takeaways from Resonance 2016:

  1. Advanced capture is a crucial business component in virtually every industry. Advanced capture doesn’t end with AP processing. While that’s an integral part of what we do, PSIGEN’s products are extremely versatile and can help improve efficiency and reduce expenses throughout dozens of industries and verticals. If a business needs to cut costs and streamline processes, advanced capture is the ticket.
  2. It’s okay to make a dollar, but are you making a difference? Our Resonance attendees got a first look at an amazing new technology that has the potential to dramatically improve K-12 education. Stay tuned in the coming months to hear more about this opportunity!
  3. Social media can help you create and maintain a sphere of influence. Social media is a dynamic marketing tool at your fingertips—but are you using it? The Cannata Report’s CJ Cannata shared with us the power of social media to create a sphere of influence and brand yourself as a thought leader in your industry.
  4. Getting the right person into the right job is key to your business’ success. Using behavioral profiles to better understand the strengths and interests of your team members is crucial to growing your organization. You will create a healthier business environment and make the most of your team members’ abilities if you can get the right people into the right jobs.
  5. Making the sale is about more than just responding to an RFP. Customers don’t want to just be sold a product; to gain and maintain great customers, you need to truly invest your time and energy into understanding their needs, customizing helpful solutions, and following up to ensure they are benefiting from your solution. Conducting productive business reviews is integral to accomplishing this goal.
  6. The future is mobile. PSIfusion 3.0 is slated to be released this fall. The new release will allow users to index from any device—computer, tablet, smartphone—making it more convenient than ever to process your documents. Resonance attendees also got a crash course in using smartphone apps to easily capture quality document images in the field to process in PSIcapture.
  7. ACE sets you apart from the crowd. The Accelerated Classification Engine puts the power of a learning engine in the hands of your clients. Because of ACE, advanced capture is no longer on the long list of things the IT department has to do. This powerful tool is helping customers achieve their goals faster than ever, which is a win for resellers and customers alike.

Again, thank you to all of our sponsor and attendees who made Resonance 2016 such an enriching event!

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