The Killer QuickBooks App: AP, AR & Accounting Automation

Learn How to Automate the Processing of Invoices/Bills, Payments, Credit Card Charges & More

At last count, QuickBooks Desktop on-premise accounting software is used by over 5 million small businesses.

QuickBooks on-premise software users now have a reason to rejoice: using both PSIsafe and PSIsafe Books from PSIGEN streamlines payments and numerous other accounting functions. This can easily save you 2-10 hours per month, which may not sound like a lot, until you start thinking about what you would do with that additional 24 to 120 hours per year: be more productive or take more vacation time – or both?

AP Automation

Automating invoice processing with PSIsafe Books is as simple as taking your invoices—whether scanned in paper or sent as PDFs—and dropping them into a folder. Enter invoice information into PSIsafe Books and, with the push of a button, you can write that data into QuickBooks to create a transaction and the document is filed into PSIsafe. All invoices are securely stored in PSIsafe so that you can search, retrieve and view invoices. Note: you can’t retrieve from within QuickBooks. You’ll need to search within PSIsafe or use SuperSearch. PSIsafe Books also lets you simultaneously access PSIsafe on-premise and cloud (hosted) environments as well as common QuickBooks data entry fields, from within the same interface.

The resulting workflow automation makes it incredibly fast to pay invoices: up to a few hundred pages a minute. You get your time back by not having to manually enter payment data and manually process payments. Our users say the time savings are pretty stellar.

Learn more about PSIGEN AP automation for QuickBooks here…

AR Automation

Quickly entering payments into QuickBooks and filing payment documents (check, other details) into PSIsafe is easily done with a few clicks of a mouse.

Simply open the payment document(s) by selecting a file or folder, selecting the payment entry mode, selecting the appropriate QuickBooks data for the image displayed in the Payment Details panel, and clicking the “Add Payment and File” button to enter the data in QuickBooks and file the image in PSIsafe.

Learn more about PSIGEN AR automation for QuickBooks here…

Additional Accounting Automation

  • Entering credit card charges
  • Entering purchase orders
  • Entering miscellaneous documents
  • Attaching documents to existing transactions

Overall Benefits

  • Accomplish: document management, AP and AR in a single user interface (QuickBooks)
  • Streamline: processing documents and transactions
  • Reduce: data entry and subsequent errors, manually filing documents and wasting time searching for documents
  • Boost: productivity and job satisfaction

PSIsafe Books Demo

See how PSIsafe integrates with QuickBooks in this video:

See for Yourself

Send us a sampling of your invoices, orders and any other document and we’ll show you how our AP and AR automation technology works. You’ll amazed by how quickly your documents are processed without having to sort and classify them. What will you do with all the time you’ll save?

Contact us to learn more about AP and AR Automation

PSIGEN Software

PSIGEN Software

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