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There you are again. Another day under those florescent lights in the basement room of some office building. The sound of the stamp machine pushing letter after letter through. There are buckets of mail piled high against every wall. The bustle of your fellow coworkers as they prepare their stations with rubber thumbs and that pink grease for your fingers. Looking around, you find yourself longing for that workday to be done. Unfortunately, you know it’ll be a late night. That morning mail drop-off all but assured you that you’ll miss that evening walk at right about dusk—that perfect moment when the sky is full of pinks, purples, oranges, and blues. It’s the fall so the temperature will be perfect. The changing leaves will look gorgeous against that dusk sky.

Or maybe you’re working from your new home office manually sorting through mail hoping your five-year-old won’t get their chocolate fingers on it. Either way, that walk is sounding pretty good right now, isn’t it? There has to be a solution that could make processing all that mail just a little easier and faster, something to reduce the paper cuts, aching hands and swollen feet. All this remote work has us thinking about digital processes and other ways we can implement them when we all finally get back into the office. A digital mailroom could cut processing time or errors in sorting. If you’re looking to “go digital” or even just improve on certain processes, here are a couple things we suggest.


How are you getting the mail from the envelope? A lot of mailrooms have sorting machines, but is it working the way you want it to? There’s a variety of “wrenches” that could be thrown into the works here including mail getting stuck frequently, mail not getting sorted properly, or the machine is down more often than it’s up. These are just a couple of things to think about when considering the efficiency of your sorting devices and workflows.

Now that we’ve sorted out that heap of paper, it’s time to get that mail out to all those waiting recipients. Given that America is the Land of Options, we have a few here, too. People place the mail in mailboxes, deliver by cart, or scan for digital distribution. Considering the increase of remote work as of late, let’s discuss that last one and focus on the digital solution options.


Do you have a digital system? Does it get scanned? Will you need capture software? It seems like the more we think about it, the longer the question list gets. Then, you reach out to your friends and colleagues to see what their opinion is, only to get so many answers you could fill an ocean. The most important thing is, you should always look at the way it works best for the company and the team. With a digital system in place, you’re going to want a great capture software.

It seems with everything being so digital nowadays we’d have this document capture thing figured out, that we would have evolved past the point of needing paper at all. Particularly with electronic mail and signatures, there’s probably a ton of us out there that need to look pretty hard for a piece of paper in our home. Mail is an important thing and helps us communicate with each other, so if you’re scanning mail, you want your capture software to get it right the first time.

Accuracy, Speed & Intelligence

You want your capture software smart enough to get it right the first time and route it where it needs to go quickly. There are times when you’ll need it to redact something from a document to protect it from prying eyes. Maybe you need it to read multiple lines of invoices or need your team to review before distribution. These are all things that should be considered when looking for the right capture software. It should be able to do all these things (hint: we do this exact thing over here with PSIcapture and PSIcapture Fusion).

With the right scanning devices, workflows, and capture software you could put together the digital mailroom of your dreams. You know the one, right? The one that comes with a fresh, crisp fall breeze because that morning drop-off didn’t give you a case of The Mondays.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our digital mailroom solution using PSIcapture and PSIcapture Fusion, let us know and we’ll give you a demo.

Jessica Rivers

Jessica Rivers

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