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The Advantages of Going Virtual

Learn how PSIGEN has Grown in 3 Years as a Virtual Company.

Whether you’re just learning about PSIGEN or have been associated with our company for a long time, you probably know by now that PSIGEN is a virtual company. The company went virtual in 2012 and it has been a smart, profitable decision that has afforded PSIGEN numerous unique competitive advantages.

So what does virtualization mean for our employees, customers and partners? How does the virtual nature of our company affect the way we do business at PSIGEN? Allow us to share our perspective on our virtual office after three years as a virtual company:

  • Virtualization allows for increased productivity. The national commute time average is about 25 minutes. Taking into account that workers need to get to and from work, that’s about an hour of the day that’s lost to commuting for the average American. Other factors like settling in for the day, popping in to chit-chat with coworkers and facing frequent interruptions throughout the day also hamper productivity. Not having to deal with these distractions helps remote employees get focused more quickly and be more productive throughout the day.
  • Remote work promotes trust within the organization. Since it’s essentially impossible to micro-manage a remote team, each employee is responsible for his or her own tasks. This empowers employees to become leaders and to take ownership of their work in a way that is truly unique to a virtual office. Employees in a virtual environment are less “hours-worked”-oriented and more goal-driven, which fosters a strong team environment and leads to overall more satisfied employees and decreased turnover.
  • The company spends less on overhead. At PSIGEN, we’re able to appropriate more money to developing new features, improving our products and hiring the best people to do that, because we’re not spending thousands of dollars each month for office space, utilities, hardware and other typical business expenses.
  • Virtual companies have more access to top talent. Because our company isn’t limited to a particular city or region, we are able to seek out and hire the best people for the job anywhere in the world. What that really translates to is looking out for our partners and customers by finding the best possible employees to take care of their needs, solve their problems and develop software that improves their lives.
  • Flexibility benefits everyone. Flexibility is at the top of every employee’s wish list. Being able to choose their own hours and work from anywhere in the world is a huge advantage for employees. But flexibility also benefits the business as a whole, including the company’s partners and customers. Employees with a healthy work/life balance are generally happier, more productive and more likely to stay with their companies. This benefits the company as a whole because it leads to having a committed workforce and eliminates the need for constant rehiring. It also benefits the company’s partners and customers, because employees who are more satisfied with their jobs offer better customer service, more innovative ideas and are more driven to strive for excellence in everything they do. The dispersion of our team across the country and globally means that while we don’t have one central office, we have offices across the nation and throughout the world, making it easier to serve our customers and partners.

You don’t have to just take our word on the effectiveness of our virtual company—the proof is in the numbers. PSIGEN has experienced record growth over the past three years and has expanded into new areas, such as Asia Pacific and Europe. Since going virtual, PSIGEN has released our browser-based indexing product PSIfusion, created MFP integrations with Sharp, Toshiba and Canon, and has released amazing new features like Extended File Format (EFF) and the Accelerated Classification Engine (ACE). The company continues to grow, resulting in the creation of new job opportunities and an increase in beneficial partnerships.

Want to learn more about PSIGEN? Get in touch with one of our sales representatives here or call (949) 916-7700.

PSIGEN Software

PSIGEN Software

Work the Way You Want. We specialize in Document Automation, Workflow and Management solutions that positively impact your bottom line.

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PSIGEN Software

Work the Way You Want. We specialize in Document Automation, Workflow and Management solutions that positively impact your bottom line.

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