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  1. Perks of Partnership: Unlocking the Potential of the MFP
    TOPIC: Reseller Tips, The Case for Capture, The PSIGEN Difference

    Perks of Partnership: Unlocking the Potential of the MFP

    by Chelsea Bawab - January 02, 2017

    Today’s multifunction printers (MFPs) are far more resourceful than the copiers of the past. Whether a business wants the ability to print 100 pages per minute, produce beautiful high-resolution prints, connect to the cloud or even print from a mobile device, there’s an MFP to suit every business’s needs.

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  2. TOPIC: ECM Integrations, Reseller Tips, The Case for Capture

    PSIcapture: ECM’s Greatest Asset—Not its Competition

    by Chelsea Bawab - March 23, 2016

    Responses to 3 misconceptions about advanced capture’s role with ECM systems

    Being an extremely channel-focused company, PSIGEN has hundreds of resellers, many of which are highly focused on the ECM industry. The PSIGEN team sees this as a great opportunity to provide customers with full-scale solutions to their process problems and to enhance the capabilities of the ECM systems our resellers provide.

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  3. TOPIC: Reseller Tips, The Case for Capture, The PSIGEN Difference

    An In-Depth Look at PSIGEN’s Core Values

    by Chelsea Bawab - February 25, 2016

    6 principles that make PSIGEN stand apart from the crowd

    PSIGEN’s advanced document capture products provide the most innovative, automated solutions in the industry, designed to help businesses solve even their most complex process problems. While we think it’s extremely important to provide these great solutions, we believe the way we run our company is equally important. At PSIGEN, we strive to be your trusted software provider and business partner—a goal that is reflected in our core company values.

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  4. TOPIC: Industry Solutions, Reseller Tips, The PSIGEN Difference

    5 Reasons to Attend Resonance 2016

    by Chelsea Bawab - February 04, 2016

    PSIGEN’s third conference is just two months away – here’s why you should register

    PSIGEN’s third Resonance conference is just over two months away, and we are expecting this to be our best year yet. Resonance 2016 is open to both our partners and our software users, meaning we’ll have something for everyone. We’ll provide valuable information from experts in management, sales and technical development and support.

    Here are 5 great reasons to register for the 2016 Resonance PSIGEN Users & Partners Conference.

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  5. TOPIC: ECM Integrations, Product Features, Reseller Tips

    How Can PSIGEN Help You Capture ECM Sales?

    by Chelsea Bawab - September 17, 2015

    Add Advanced Document Capture to your Product Lineup to Help Boost your ECM Sales

    If you’re an ECM reseller, you understand the value the product you offer brings to customers. Having a way to digitally store documents saves organizations a significant amount of money in labor, print and paper costs, and the cost to store and manage physical files.

    What if you could provide customers with an even more cohesive solution that took their document management to the next level—a solution that combined automation, user-friendliness and cutting-edge technology to make processing documents easier than ever?

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  6. Integrate PSIcapture with SmartSearch for a Seamless, Automated Solution
    TOPIC: ECM Integrations, Testimonials, The PSIGEN Difference

    PSIcapture and Square9: The Smart Choice

    by Chelsea Bawab - September 10, 2015

    Integrate PSIcapture with SmartSearch for a Seamless, Automated Solution

    Square9 SmartSearch is an advanced document management system used by organizations of every size. With the ability to scale to meet the needs of a very small department or those of a large company, SmartSearch can be effectively used by any type of business to manage information. From education and healthcare to manufacturing and legal, many industries rely on SmartSearch to help streamline their paper processes.

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  7. PSIcapture is the best capture onramp available
    TOPIC: ECM Integrations, Reseller Tips, The Case for Capture, The PSIGEN Difference

    The PSIGEN Difference: The Ultimate On-Ramp

    by Chelsea Bawab - September 03, 2015

    PSIcapture’s Compatibility with ECM Systems Makes it the Smart Choice for Document Capture

    Successful business vary in industry type, size and purpose, but most of them share a few commonalities that contribute to their success. In the midst of more obvious qualities like exceptional customer service, company culture and having an effective business plan is a quality that is easily overlooked but extremely important: business processes. Successful businesses understand the importance of changing and improving their business processes in order to keep up with the evolving needs of customers and to make their businesses more efficient, productive and profitable.

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  8. 4 Reasons Capture Boosts Hardware Sales
    TOPIC: Reseller Tips, The Case for Capture, The PSIGEN Difference

    4 Reasons Capture Boosts Hardware Sales

    by Chelsea Bawab - July 09, 2015

    PSIcapture Improves MFP Sales by Providing a Holistic Solution

    Today’s multi-function printers are extremely advanced devices capable of accomplishing some highly advanced tasks. Although MFPs have many great features like connecting to mobile devices and exceptionally quick print and scan times, they simply do not function on their own as complete workflow solutions.

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