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  1. TOPIC: Business Process Improvement, Digital Transformation, Industry Solutions

    Is your Company Culture Friendly to Digital Transformation?

    by Chelsea Bawab - November 07, 2017

    What does company culture have to do with adopting digital change? Company culture is closely tied to an organization’s beliefs and values. Oftentimes, these values have been established for many years and have played a…

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  2. TOPIC: Automation, Business Process Improvement, The Case for Capture

    Who is Driving Digital Transformation in the Workplace?

    by Chelsea Bawab - June 15, 2017

    Digital transformation in organizations doesn’t happen by osmosis—someone has to take the lead and steer the company toward digital change. The AIIM Industry Watch report “2017 State of Information Management” takes a look at who is actually driving digital change in the workplace.

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