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  1. TOPIC: Business Process Improvement, The Case for Capture

    Facing Your Document Management Fears

    by Chelsea Bawab - October 30, 2015

    If document management has you spooked, here are some ideas to help you overcome your concerns

    With Halloween on the horizon, it’s the time of year for facing your fears (while eating unreasonable amounts of candy). So sit down with a bag of Kit Kats and let’s talk about something that scares many businesses: document management.

    As daunting as it might be to go through the workday having to manually locate and file physical documents, it can be just as unnerving to think about what it will take to implement a digital solution. So what is it about document management that spooks many organizations?

    In the spirit of Halloween, let’s address some common fears about document management and how to overcome the apprehension with smart decision-making.

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