The ROI of Business Automation

ROI of Business Automation

When researching tools that can make your company more efficient, you come across many different ideas and terms, such as document capture, workflow automation, RPA, and machine learning. The truth: it doesn’t matter what you call it as long as it saves you time and money, and preferably both.

Consider a few PSIGEN examples:

  • A property management firm using PSIcapture reduced the processing time of 2,000 to 3,000 invoices per month by 70%, saving approximately 90 hours per month for their accounting department
  • A spice producer eliminated myriad bottlenecks and tripled their revenue with processes now so efficient that administrative hiring is close to zero
  • City auditors in Newnan, Georgia used PSIsafe to retool a time-consuming process of pulling hard copies of documents into one in which city employees simply give auditors access to their PSIsafe repository, saving countless hours, according to their finance director: “When auditors are on-site, we just let them right into the system,” the director says, “They can test our invoices, licensing, revenue receipts – anything they need, right out of PSIsafe.”

The Problem

All technology vendors will claim to save you time and money, but how much?

These solutions aren’t free, so how can you estimate the return on investment (ROI) to factor against the expense?

Estimate Your ROI

Follow these three steps to get the target ROI for your PSIGEN solution:

  1. Enter a few data points into the PSIGEN ROI calculator below to see how much you can save with our solutions
  2. Contact us so we can put you in touch with an authorized PSIGEN technology partner who can provide you with a quote
  3. Using a 3-5 year period, simply divide the ROI estimate by the cost and you will have a cost justification that you can present to executive leadership

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