Streamline Student Records Management with Document Capture Technology

From digitizing old student records to maintaining new ones, document capture technology automates and streamlines records management for a faster, cost-efficient process.

How long does it take to intake student records? What if data entry was reduced by 90%?

How long does it take you to find a student record? What if you could do so instantly?

Simplifying student records management starts with digitization but, without the right tools, converting archived documents that are instantly searchable and remotely accessible can be a headache.

Skip the manual entry of these complex forms with software as intelligent as it is effective. Document capture technology removes the painstaking process of sorting through physical forms by hand and – with advanced data extraction and optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities – converts complicated pages of student records into a secure, searchable database.

A Secure, Disaster-Proof Repository

Student records carry sensitive information – everything from medical information to grades and regulatory forms like FERPA – that must be carefully handled and stored. However, physical documents are at risk of being misplaced or damaged by termites, fires, floods, and other natural disasters.

With a document capture solution like PSIcapture, educational institutions can create a permanent, secure repository of student records. Scan or import documents from any network scanner or multi-function printer and PSIcapture will automatically capture and index the data from the forms.

As a fully integrated solution, PSIcapture works seamlessly with over 60 electronic content management (ECM) systems, making it easy to route scanned forms directly into an existing database. This powerful software handles even the most complex nested table extractions to capture and index the data for easy search and retrieval, automatically scanning and grouping associated information with a student’s record.

Instant & Remote Records Access

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a renewed urgency for digital agility across industries. For schools, this includes processing and storing student records online for remote access.

With the right document capture and management solution, educational institutions can alleviate the costly burden of physical files with a virtual repository of records. Searching archived records – a process that once took upwards of an hour – can now be accomplished in just a few clicks.

Streamline Student Records Intake

Whether you have an existing electronic records system or need to convert archival records into digital formats, document capture technology can streamline student records intake with automation that:

  • Captures documents at high-speed and with high accuracy
  • Extracts the data you need with OCR and extraction tools
  • Identifies, sorts and routes documents by type
  • Migrates captured documents to virtually any ECM or LOB platform

Limestone College Case Study

PSIGEN recently helped Limestone College in South Carolina develop a digital records management system to accelerate records processing, decrease paper storage, and streamline related processes without the need for additional staff. With a combination of PSIcapture, DocuPhase and a few Sharp copiers, Limestone empowered its team with a dynamic platform for student records. Read more here.

Talk to a Records Management Expert

The team at PSIGEN knows the ins and outs – and the headaches – of student records management first-hand. We work closely with a variety of schools, colleges, and universities across the country to streamline and de-headache their student records processes.

With a suite of customizable workflow automation solutions, we can empower your teams to work faster and smarter.

Contact us to learn more about streamlining student records management

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