SPTechCon 2019: Boston was a Success!

We have just returned from Boston, attending the 2019 SPTechCon, and we had a blast! We hope you enjoyed the learning and meeting all the new people, as much as we did.

Hopefully, while you were there, you were able to stop by our booth and get a demo of our PSIcapture product that has advanced integration with SharePoint and Office 365. However, we know it was slam packed. If you were one of the lucky ones who got through, you were able to snag a stress ball of our logo while you were there and hopefully it helped you keep calm amongst the chaos.

If we missed you, we are very sorry, and we would like to highlight some resources available to help better understand just how PSIcapture can help with your SharePoint or Office 365 workflow.

PSIGEN Software can companies using SharePoint in many ways. Some of the key processes we have assisted others:

  • You are upgrading and need to migrate from an older version to a new one
  • You are new to SharePoint and need to get all of your documents, paper and electronic, automatically moved into their new libraries, along with their corresponding metadata
  • You need to have those email attachments removed, evaluated, indexed, and pushed into their appropriate libraries – automatically; oh, and we can grab and process the header and body info, as well

To learn even more about PSIGEN Software and how we can help your teammates adapt and use SharePoint even more efficiently, please refer to the following resources:

SharePoint Solution

Success Stories



Until next year, good luck out there and we look forward to talking to you soon!

Questions? Give our Sales team a call at (949) 916-7700 ext. 2 or email at sales@psigen.com, we’d love to answer your questions or setup a demo.

Jessica Rivers

Jessica Rivers

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