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That’s why we created PSIsafe.

Keep Document Management Simple.

Document Management is a fancy way of saying a system to keep track of your files and documents. As the rate of digitalization continues to grow, the value of having your files and documents at your fingerprints becomes apparent. Even though there are default file browsers in our computers, it would be nice if they could:: 

  • Be accessible from anywhere. 
  • Be able to index specific document information for quick reference. 
  • Have a workflow system that matches your current document processes. 
  • Have built in e-signature capabilities is the most used e-sign company in the world DocuSign. 
  • Have an OpenAPI allowing for easy connection to programs like SalesForce. 
  • Use secure encryption to share documents with external persons. 
  • Create a set of pre-defined documents for a folder. 
  • Let people only see what they need to. 

PSIsafe Document Management software does ALL that and a lot more. Simply tell PSIsafe what kinds of files you want to keep track of (.docx, .pdf, .xlsx, .jpeg, etc.,) what program to use when opening it, and what parts of that document are the important bits (Document Indexing) and then we take care of the rest. Backing up is easy whether you’re On-Premise (PSIsafe on your servers) or Cloud (PSIsafe on our servers.) 

Rather than us changing how we worked to fit their software, they asked how we wanted to run our business and then configured features around that.

Antonio Barrett – CEO

Let's Talk Important Bits

Gone are the days of having to keep a record of all the file name schemes you had to come up with to be able to find it later. Instead, we take that information and attach it to the file itself (using Document Indexes) as additional file information, also known as metadata. Metadata for your documents is all the information within and about that document. Some examples of this information include: 

By “tagging” documents with indexes, it enables our users to easily search for date ranges, price ranges, invoice number ranges, and much more—in a matter of seconds. No more spending hours at the filing cabinet, leaving you feeling like the Hunchback of Notre Dame at the end of the day. Document Indexing relieves you of the worry of whether that filename was correct by attaching the information to the document where it belongs.

Metadata Magic.

Harnessing information gleaned at the Document level as well as in the Folder structure allows PSIsafe to retrieve documents based not only on external data such as filename or date created, but also on data about or even contained within the document. Such metadata, that we call “Document Level Indexing” allows retrievals of documents at a previously unheard-of level of accuracy and relevance.

Fast Retrieve = saved profit. 


True Business Automation

True Business Automation: Do more with File Change Scheduling, Effortless Sharing of docs with non-users, Automated workflows, and Forms Management.

Mobile Document Management

Access client information during an off-site meeting or collect a legal signature from your phone or tablet.

PSIsafe allows users to connect to their own DocuSign account to process documents all within the app. Whether it’s an individual document or package, our DocuSign integration lets you store and sign documents with ease. 

Integrates with your systems

PSIsafe’s open API gives clients and partners the ability to safely and confidently integrate third-party applications to create interoperable document management workflows.

A Case Study in Partnerships

The Storage Challenge

Join Attention Homes of Alabama, PSIGEN, and Epson in discussing how scanning, capture and cloud based document management and workflow changed the organization’s way of caring for their clients.

Work the Way you Want.

A Uniquely Adaptive Approach to How You Work.

No Steep Learning Curve.

No initial drain on productivity. Additional modules and integration tools offer functionality for mobile document access, automation, secure information sharing.

Browser-Based Content Management

Access and use any document in your PSIsafe repositories directly in your browser. There’s no software to install, and no hoops to jump through.

Synchronize Documentation

Keep your PSIsafe document repositories in sync with your systems of record – automatically.

Windows Document Retrieval

Make the mission-critical documents stored in PSIsafe accessible in nearly all Windows-based enterprise applications without losing security, audit trails and version controls.

Easy to use interface

Our interface mirrors real-life office constructs, as "Cabinets." These Cabinets create a flatter file structure, enabling more rapid location-finding in nested heirarchies, with many fewer clicks.

Keep Enterprise Simple.

Simple. Secure. Fast. Searching and retrieving documents is the purpose of any capable ECM Or Document Management System (DMS.) Configurable, custom searches get the files found in record time.

Third-Party Integrations

PSIsafe’s OpenAPI give clients, partners and OEMs the ability to safely and confidently integrate third-party applications to create firm-wide interoperable document management workflows.

Secure Document Sharing

PSIsafe makes it easy to securely exchange documents and information with clients, patients, colleagues and more.

A Solution at Every Size.

We created PSIsafe to get you back to work immediately.

Business Essentials

  • PSIsafe Cloud
  • Retriever
  • PSIsafe Share
  • Named Licensing
  • Batch Capture
  • Workflow & Routing
  • Mobile and Web Access
  • DocuSign Integration


  • PSIsafe Cloud or On-Prem
  • Retriever
  • PSIsafe Share
  • Named or Concurrent Licensing
  • Batch Capture
  • Workflow & Routing
  • Mobile and Web Access
  • DocuSign Integration
  • PDF Forms Monitor


  • PSIsafe Cloud or On-Prem
  • Retriever
  • PSIsafe Share
  • Named or Concurrent Licensing
  • Batch Capture
  • Workflow & Routing
  • Mobile and Web Access
  • DocuSign Integration
  • PDF Forms Monitor
  • PSIsafe Synchronizer
  • SalesForce Integration
  • PSIsafe Books

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