Migrations: PSIcapture publishes to an enormous number of ECMs.

Using Watched Folders and XML Export, the choices are nearly endless.

Robust Migration and Export

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes, and they have varying needs based on industry, location and other factors. That’s why PSIGEN is committed to providing the utmost flexibility when it comes to integrating with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems.

PSIGEN currently supports more than 60 ECM systems, offering our customers the ability to choose a system that specifically suits their unique needs.

Once your documents have been imported into PSIcapture and processed through all of the necessary steps in your workflow, they will need to be stored in a convenient location where everyone in your organization who needs access can easily find them. PSIcapture makes this transition easy. Migration is included as the last step in your document workflow, so once your documents are ready to be filed, PSIcapture will automatically route them to your ECM of choice. Whether you want to send your information to a standardized network folder structure or automatically create a Microsoft SharePoint Document Library, we have a migration for you.

Below is a list of available migrations. If your system is not listed here, please contact PSIGEN Professional Services for migration script availability.

ECM SystemDirect WriteLoad File
ECM Software
 Direct Write allows PSIcapture to directly write to the ECM system.Load File means that PSIcapture outputs a load file that the ECM system imports.
ECM SystemCompanyDirect WriteLoad File
Ademero Content Central DirectAdemero, Inc.
Alchemy DirectOpenText
Alchemy FlatOpenText
Alchemy Web EngineOpenText
Alfresco DirectAlfresco Software, Inc.
AODocs DirectAltirnao Inc.
ApplicationXtender DirectOpenText
ApplicationXtender FlatOpenText
Azure Storage
(Blob and File)
Microsoft Corporation
Box DirectBox. Inc.
DatabaseAccess, SQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, or ODBC Compliant
DataStorm FusionData Storm, LLC
docMgt DirectPLE Software Group, L.L.C.
DocumentMallRicoh Company, Ltd.
DocuPhase DirectDocuPhase
DocuShare DirectXerox Corporation
DocusphereDocusphere, A Tungsten Network Company
DocuWare DirectDocuWare
Dynamics GP DirectMicrosoft Corporation
eDocs DirectOpenText
Exact GlobeExact Software Ltd.
EZ-LinkLattice Group
FileBound DirectFileBound by Upland
Folder Export 
Fortis BlueDocuWare
Fortis/File MagicDocuWare
HP Records Manager DirectHewlett-Packard
HP Trim DirectXerox Corporation
IBM Content Manager OnDemandIBM
InfoDynamics Intact SmartInfoDynamics, Inc.
LaserFiche DirectLaserFiche
M3 AccKnowledgeM3 Accounting
MarkViewKofax Limited
M-Files DirectM-Files Inc.
Objective DirectObjective Corporation Limited
OnBaseHyland Software
OpenText Content Server DirectOpenText
PaperVision/Image SiloDigitech Systems, Inc.
PaperWise DirectPaperWise, Inc.
PSIfusionPSIGEN Software, Inc.
PSIsafe DirectPSIGEN Software, Inc.
Quickbooks Desktop DirectIntuit Inc.
SentryFile DirectCutCom Software Inc.
SharePoint Direct 
(2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 & Office 365 Online)
Microsoft Corporation
SingularityHyland Software
SIREHyland Software
Skysite Facilities and ArchiveARC Document Solutions
SpringCM DirectSpringCM
SQN SentrySQN Banking Systems
Square 9 GlobalSearchSquare 9
Square 9 GlobalSearch DirectSquare 9
SynergyJack Henry Banking
Therefore DirectTherefore Corporation
Worldox DirectWorld Software Corporation
XeroXero Limited
ECM SystemCompanyDirect WriteLoad File

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