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Simplify your Spring Cleaning with Document Capture!

Birds are chirping, bees are buzzing; spring is finally in the air. It’s time to get out the deep cleaning supplies and get to work scrubbing the wintery dust off everything—and while you’re at it, perhaps you’re considering going through those file cabinets at the office and getting rid of some old paper documents.

Purging your business of old paper is a great feeling—cathartic, even. It feels great to rid your office of unnecessary files. But this year, why not take it even further? Why not take the leap from purging a few documents to taking on a paper-free office initiative?

Perhaps the very thought of trying to eliminate all your business’s files sets your skin crawling. If you have years and years worth of information sitting in file cabinets, the idea that you could somehow do away with them probably seems farfetched and even laughable.

Well, rest assured: if you’re serious about getting your documents into digital format and ridding your office of file cabinets, not only can we do it, but we can make it easy.

PSIGEN has taken even the most monumental, seemingly untamable file situations and reduced them to searchable document PDFs. For example, we transformed the 175 file cabinets at the Law Offices of Kimball, Trey & St. John LLP into a neatly-organized digital repository. That was 70,000 physical files, reduced to organized, indexed PDF files that could be stored on the firm’s web-based retrieval system. At financial firm Genovese Burford & Brothers, we turned client financial files into searchable digital files stored in OpenText Alchemy, all while remaining 100% compliant with FINRA and SEC regulations.

Your first instinct might be to assume that all of that work was very complicated and time consuming, but actually, PSIGEN’s advanced capture software, PSIcapture, is well-equipped to make these transitions happen quickly and with minimal training on the end-user’s part. Our OCR, data extraction and classification capabilities make it extremely simple to automate the scanning and indexing processes, so that even your least technologically-savvy employees can handle it.

Spring cleaning is about scrubbing away the old and getting a fresh, clean start. It’s difficult to achieve a fresh start if you can’t let go of your old, inefficient methods of doing things. File cabinets filled to the brim, stacks upon stacks of paper documents, lengthy processes for retrieving information—these are staples of the offices of yesterday. They don’t belong in today’s world, where access to instant information is vital to the growth and success of business. The customers of today are accustomed to getting the answers they need extremely quickly. It’s not necessarily that people are more needy and demanding than they used to be; we simply live in a world that allows for fast access to information, putting businesses that don’t follow suit in a difficult position.

Don’t let your inefficient processes leave you behind. You can’t afford to waste any more time messing around with paper. Introduce your office to true efficiency. Introduce your employees to PSIcapture.

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