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Automate your Workflow with Classification

PSIGEN’s flagship product PSIcapture has a host of features that set it apart from other capture products on the market. One of the most important and useful qualities of PSIcapture is its ability to automate the document capture process, making your business’s capture workflow extremely simple. The core module at the heart of PSIcapture’s automation is Classification. Allow us to introduce you:


Intelligent Document Recognition

When you picture scanning all of your business’s documents to a digital repository, you probably envision multiple employees rifling through file cabinets, manually organizing files to be scanned and spending hours scanning and indexing them. Perhaps the very idea of getting all your files organized in a document management system as searchable PDFs sounds like a monumental task that will cost you hundreds of hours in manpower.

Skeptical business owner, meet the Classification Module. It’s not magic, but it’s pretty close. Classification makes it possible to scan stacks of several different document layouts within a single batch, eliminating the need to have your employees manually sort documents prior to scanning. Classification works in conjunction with PSIcapture’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Advanced Data Extraction (ADE) modules to automatically identify document types, separate scanned documents based on those specific document layouts and automatically extract data from specified index fields.

Defining your Documents

The Form Definition feature in Classification allows you to define the characteristics of a document, in order to instruct PSIcapture which characteristics to look for when classifying a document. Thus, when you are ready to scan your documents, you can do so without worrying about organizing them beforehand. PSIcapture provides several ways to define document types, including linking to record types and matching rules to OCR expressions or barcode values.


With Classification and ADE, populating index fields for metadata is an automated process. Classification can create dynamic index fields based on record type, making it simple to determine what information will be extracted from your documents. PSIcapture can then perform data extraction based on the rules defined by the record type. You will be able to view the data in the Quality Assurance module to verify that all the data has been extracted accurately. While PSIcapture’s Classification capability is extremely accurate, it’s still important to double check to ensure all your pertinent information has been accurately captured.

Classification Profiles

When you create a Classification profile for a document type, you’re able to import a template image to help aid in defining your Classification rules. The built-in RegEx generator will help you easily create as many Classification rules as you need to accurately identify your forms.

Separate & Validate

Classification will intelligently separate your documents based on the form type specifications. You can also choose the method for validating forms to accommodate either set page-count files or variable length documents.

Want to learn more about Classification? Watch a video demonstration here, view the datasheet here or drop a line to our sales team for more information.

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