The PSIGEN Difference: The Ultimate On-Ramp

PSIcapture's Compatibility with ECM Systems Makes it the Smart Choice for Document Capture.

Successful business vary in industry type, size and purpose, but most of them share a few commonalities that contribute to their success. In the midst of more obvious qualities like exceptional customer service, company culture and having an effective business plan is a quality that is easily overlooked but extremely important: business processes. Successful businesses understand the importance of changing and improving their business processes in order to keep up with the evolving needs of customers and to make their businesses more efficient, productive and profitable.

At PSIGEN, we understand this crucial business strategy, which is why we take the ever-changing needs of successful businesses into account when we develop the features of our software. One of the features that sets PSIcapture apart from other document capture and data extraction products is its ability to integrate seamlessly with a very wide range of document management systems. Whereas many capture software products are built to feed directly into a specific system or two, PSIcapture was built for true versatility.

Here are the 3 main advantages of PSIcapture’s versatile migration feature:

  1. It acknowledges that organizations have evolving business needs. At PSIGEN, we understand that businesses are not stagnant entities. Successful businesses grow and change, and when that happens, they often need to make changes to their management systems. PSIGEN’s scalability and ability to easily connect with more than 60 ECM systems means that while a business might need to change the other parts of their system, they don’t have to worry about their capture software. PSIcapture can grow right along with them, making it the ultimate on-ramp for any document management system.
  2. It eliminates the need for extra work to migrate documents. While other capture software products have the ability to migrate to ECM systems through the use of custom scripting, PSIcapture is able to do it without this time-consuming extra step. Many of PSIcapture’s migrations are direct writes, which allow PSIcapture to communicate directly with the ECM to publish documents into the system. These migrations include Alchemy, Cabinet, FileBound, M-Files, SharePoint and several others. The rest of the migrations are load files, meaning PSIcapture outputs a load file to the ECM, which is easily imported by the system.
  3. It gives PSIGEN’s partners an incredible advantage. There are many document capture technologies out there for value-added resellers and solution providers to consider partnering with. It can be overwhelming deciding which solution to offer your customers. As a provider, you want to offer customers a product that is easy to use and highly efficient. PSIcapture’s migration capabilities make it the obvious choice for solution providers. The seamlessness of the migration process and the versatility provided by PSIcapture’s 60 migration options surpass the abilities of any other comparable technology on the market. PSIGEN’s partners truly have the upper hand when it comes to providing their customers with the most efficient on-ramp to their ECM systems.

The value PSIcapture offers businesses over the long-run through its versatility and compatibility is simply unmatched by any other capture software available today. To learn more about PSIcapture’s unique migration abilities, check out our full list of migrations or contact a sales representative for further details.

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