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The Personal Touch

For the past 20 years, PSIGEN has been dedicated to creating the most advanced and innovative document capture technology on the market. Throughout those years, our capture products have grown and expanded into the intuitive, feature-rich capture platforms we have today. Although our software has undergone much change over the past 20 years, our company is still dedicated to the same things we have been since day one: helping solve business problems with innovative technology, and developing strong, meaningful relationships with our partners.

What is it that sets our company apart from the myriad others that are out there?

What you get from most companiesWhat you get from PSIGEN
Focus on making a saleFocus on providing helpful solutions and beneficial partnerships
Selling a complex solution that will require countless hours of technical supportPersonalizing a solution specifically tailored to your organization’s needs
Undervaluing reseller networks and sidestepping partners to make salesBolstering our reseller partners and working hand in hand with them to help organizations solve their paper problems
Sluggish client supportA friendly, timely support team dedicated to improving user experience for our existing partners and clients
A host of expensive document management products your business may or may not really needThe most advanced capture technology in two simple products, provided at the most reasonable price point

PSIGEN is committed to helping people. That simple promise is really what sets us apart from the pack. Our document capture software has helped countless businesses solve their paper problems, and we know it can work for you too. Find out more here on our website or visit our Events page to catch up with us at an upcoming trade show.

Will you be at Upland Impact 2015? Swing by our booth and talk to one of our friendly sales representatives about partnership opportunities!

PSIGEN Software

PSIGEN Software

Work the Way You Want. We specialize in Document Automation, Workflow and Management solutions that positively impact your bottom line.

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