PSIcapture Integration with Square 9 Document Management Software

Integrate PSIcapture with SmartSearch for a Seamless, Automated Solution.

Square9 SmartSearch is an advanced document management system used by organizations of every size. With the ability to scale to meet the needs of a very small department or those of a large company, SmartSearch can be effectively used by any type of business to manage information. From education and healthcare to manufacturing and legal, many industries rely on SmartSearch to help streamline their paper processes.

Scalability and versatility are qualities SmartSearch shares with PSIGEN’s PSIcapture, so it’s no surprise that these two systems work together seamlessly to provide businesses with a powerful tool for capturing and storing documents.

PSIcapture makes the process of moving documents into SmartSearch extremely simple through a direct integration. This can be easily configured by choosing the Square9 SmartSearch template when you set up your PSIcapture workflow.

Within the configuration, you can determine the structure of the documents, the naming convention and metadata fields you would like to populate. When you run your PSIcapture workflow, the data that is extracted can be used to populate the index fields within your SmartSearch application. When the documents are routed to SmartSearch, they will already be tagged with the appropriate metadata and filed according to the structure specified during the configuration in PSIcapture.

The PSIcapture integration with SmartSearch is extremely practical and can be used by various types of organizations to simplify the document capture and management process. One example of the integration working in a totally automated fashion for an organization is Lake City Federal Bank’s implementation of PSIcapture and SmartSearch to automate their teller transactions.

In this case, PSIcapture extracts data from a PDF of the transaction, then routes the indexed PDF to SmartSearch, where it is stored and can easily be found using the customer’s information. What used to be a paper-intensive process that required the tellers to pre-print transaction tickets and then scan and index them into a document management system is now a simple, automated process. The new system saves tellers time, reduces the amount of time a customer waits at the teller window and greatly reduces the bank’s printing costs.

Read the whole case study here.

If your business uses SmartSearch for document management, pairing with PSIcapture is the optimal way to capture and route documents into your SmartSearch application. Automate the capture and indexing process for a truly streamlined document management workflow that can save your organization time and money—making your business truly efficient.

To find out more about a PSIcapture integration for SmartSearch, contact PSIGEN sales. Be sure to catch us at Encompass 2015, Square9’s Customer and Reseller Conference, October 20-23 in Clearwater Beach, Florida.

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