PSIcapture 7.0: Packed with New Features

Work the Way You Want.

Whether I’m unboxing the latest smartphone I’ve bought myself; I’ve received another package from Amazon; or my wife hands me a gift to unwrap— I get excited opening something new. Opening the box, holding it in my hands for the first time, and interacting with this new thing are all at the heart of the experience.

As I’ve gotten older, I realize how much more I appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into the gift. In fact, I find that the attention to detail of the gift really enhances my enjoyment.


It’s quite simple—it demonstrates the care of the craftsman, increasing the value even more.

The latest release of PSIcapture strikes me similarly. It’s packed with features such as our new Email Connector, confidence-level flagging, and OMR Smart Zones. Yet, the care and attention to detail of our team really shines through in the texture of this release; when you look closely it’s full of a lot of goodness.

What excites me the most?

Email Connector

This feature excites me the most, perhaps because I loathe dealing with email the most. I bet you do too. It’s a requirement in every professional’s life—enhancing our efficiency yet chaining us to our never-yielding inbox. Sure, this new feature opens up another channel for PSIGEN to help our partners and customers work the way they want, and that’s super-exciting!

But our Email Connector signals an evolution in our strategy—to help our customers work with content across their organization. Let’s face it, your organization is faced with so many, fractured channels of communication it’s hard to keep up. You need technologies that can help you automate processes and focus on exceptions. There’s where the magic is!

OCR Confidence-level Flagging

We’ve added this feature as a frequently requested item to help customers visually identify exceptions to their rules. Customers I’ve worked with process massive amounts of information on a daily basis. Inevitably, exceptions occur that require attention, and that’s where this feature comes in handy. With dozens of records and hundreds of fields, suspect records are flagged for review, so you can quickly identify where to spend your precious time. You asked, we listened.

Usability Enhancements

We spent a lot of time in this release focusing on the craftsmanship of our product—making it easier to use and shaving off seconds to enable repetitive tasks to be completed quickly.

For instance, being able to rename an index zone while it’s still in use is huge; I don’t know if you’ve ever tried finding a needle in a haystack, but with hundreds and thousands of profiles, finding where an index zone is in use can be an exercise wrought with frustration.

Others are obvious things we made the time to clean-up. We return the zoom selector to a pointer selector when working with images which was an often-mentioned complaint. We finally prompt you to save your configuration changes before exiting. Brilliant, right?

Calculate Custom Index Values

Who knew math could be this exciting? After working with our software for a time, I often found that I needed to use values I captured in equations. And with the addition of a simple script, I can validate subtotals against sums to validate price points against total spend on invoices.

The Best Feature of All

All of the new features drive a common theme—helping our customers work the way they want. That’s a fundamental principle this company was founded on two decades ago. You see that focus at every turn in this release—the craftsmanship and attention to your needs. In the end, I think that is what excites me the most. We gathered and listened to team members across the entire organization, partners around the world, and customers big and small.

Do we have more work to do? Yes, and we hope it never ends. We love helping our partners and our customers work the way they want.

What is your favorite feature in PSIcapture 7.0? What key feature do we need to excite you?

Ken Stewart

Ken Stewart

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