Integrations and Connectors

The PSIsafe document management solutions don’t exist in a vacuum. That’s why we’ve taken strides to provide tight integrations with other parts of businesses’ IT ecosystems.

Integration between PSIsafe and third-party systems is accomplished through a variety of methods. These include a number of configurable integration tools, purpose-built connectors and custom development tools.

Configurable Integration Tools

PSIsafe Books Logo

PSIsafe Books

PSIGEN’s On-Premise QuickBooks Solution is Back by Popular Demand!

The PSIsafe Books (Books) module is an integrated system that directly connects PSIGEN PSIsafe with the Intuit QuickBooks® accounting suite.

  • Accomplish document management, accounts receivable, and accounts payable in a single user interface.
  • Streamline data entry and document filing into one efficient electronic process that saves you time.
  • Reduce errors stemming from redundant data entry and enjoy significant productivity.

It’s more than a Quickbooks Plugin. A LOT more.

PSIsafe Books lets you simultaneously access PSIsafe on-premise and cloud (hosted) environments as well as common QuickBooks data entry fields, from within the same interface. Information can be entered directly into QuickBooks manually or by simply selecting numbers with your mouse. Once the single data entry step is complete, a corresponding transaction can be instantly created in QuickBooks, or routed through any approval cycle. Best of all, supporting documentation such as receipts and invoices are always easily searchable and accessible within the PSIsafe document management system.

Why PSIsafe Books?

  • Near-instant decreases in data entry-based errors
  • Find and file receipts, invoices, and and virtually any other document type
  • Limit training time and speed ROI with familiar, QuickBooks-style controls
  • Support existing accounting and filing procedures
  • Retain your processes: PSIsafe’s renowned flexibility lets you work the way you want.

What can I do in PSIsafe Books?

  • Billing/Invoicing
  • Payments
  • Credit Card Charges
  • Purchase Orders
  • Attach documents to existing transactions
  • Feel secure in your financial solution

PSIsafe Synchronizer

Integrate Data from Outside Software

Synchronizer automatically syncs PSIsafe repositories with outside systems of record. Changes made in third-party applications and databases – a new account in a CRM or a change of address – are automatically made in PSIsafe.

PSIsafe Retriever

Access PSIsafe Documents from Other Applications

Retriever opens your PSIsafe document repository to third-party Windows applications. With Retriever, you can access and use your documents from your ERP, CRM or other mission-critical system – while maintaining PSIsafe’s famous audit trail, version control and security functionality.

Purpose-Built Connectors

PSIsafe’s highly-extensible framework is designed to ease document-intensive processes- even within powerful CRMs such as SalesForce and Redtail.

Salesforce CRM Integration for SalesForce

Access PSIsafe Documents Within the World’s No. 1 CRM

The Salesforce app creates a real-time sync between PSIsafe document repositories and Salesforce Account and Contact records. Links to documents appear in configurable custom objects within the CRM, where they can be checked out or checked in. Full security rules, role-based permissions and audit trails remain in force.

Development Tools

PSIsafe API: Totally Open Integration Capabilities

PSIsafe’s Open API gives developers full access to integrate any third-party system or application with PSIsafe. Built on the .NET platform, PSIsafe API offers program methods, classes, aids and sample code to streamline development and speed ROI.