Organized & Searchable Information: Easy as 1-2-3

PSIcapture Makes Your Workflow a Breeze
Organized & Searchable Information: Easy as 1-2-3

Managing your company’s information is crucial—but it can be difficult to determine the best way to do that. Physical files are costly, inconvenient and unreliable. An unorganized digital file share is just as useless, though, so simply digitizing documents isn’t the answer. If you want an organized and searchable repository of your business’s information, you need to implement a document capture solution.

But who has time for all those complicated steps—indexing, OCR, classification—required to create searchable documents? You’re busy, your employees are busy and no one has loads of free time to spend capturing documents. You need a solution that can provide the highest quality of document capture but that is also highly automated and efficient, and simple enough for anyone in your office to use if they needed to.

We have a simple solution for you. PSIcapture has an advanced feature set that leads the industry in value and efficiency, all the while being incredibly easy to operate from an end-user perspective. Here are 3 examples of how PSIcapture makes document capture an easy, hands-free process:

1. Auto-import

PSIcapture’s auto-import function makes importing your documents to PSIcapture extremely fast and efficient. Auto-import monitors specified folders for new activity. When you scan in new documents, PSIcapture detects them and automatically runs them through the capture workflow.

This is a great solution if you have multiple employees who need to scan documents but who don’t necessarily need to operate a full capture workflow. Auto-import will allow them to scan the documents into PSIcapture and then go about their other business. From there, employees who are trained to use the software can take over, or an automated workflow can begin. Read a case study involving auto-import implementation.

2. Automated indexing

One of the most important steps in the capture process is collecting the information from the documents to embed as metadata. This is how your documents are converted to searchable PDFs. However, if you business is scanning large numbers of paper documents, then manually indexing this data can be an extremely time-consuming process and is also prone to human error. PSIcapture can make data extraction and indexing an automated process requiring little to no end-user intervention. Automation can be set up through the use of routing sheets and barcodes, zone-specific Optical Character Recognition, or through our Advanced Data Extraction (ADE) and Classification modules. Watch a demo of how Classification and ADE worked for Microsoft Legal.

3. Seamless Integration with Your Repository

Once your documents have been captured and sent through the workflow, the only thing left is to send them to their permanent storage location. With PSIcapture, you don’t have to worry about a complicated process to move your files over. Our product has the ability to publish to 60 different document repositories, such as Microsoft SharePoint, M-Files, Laserfiche, Square-9 and more. Whatever your system, we have a configuration for you. If your system isn’t one of the built-in migrations, we can export as XML or you can contact Professional Services for a custom migration script. Watch publishing to SharePoint in action or read more about our available integrations here.

Want to simplify your business processes and automate your information workflow? Let us help you gain control over your important information—and do it without taking valuable time out of your workday.

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