On-Ramp Your Remote Workforce with Email & Document Capture Software

In just a few weeks, the concept of working remotely went from “catching on” to “catching up” for many American businesses.

The coronavirus threat and the social distancing stay-at-home orders that came in its wake left a surprisingly large number of companies scrambling to assemble remote operations almost overnight. For some businesses, like manufacturers or movie theaters, the challenges are understandably complex. But for others, it was just a matter of being slow or unwilling to adapt to the idea of a workforce that could go to work in its pajamas.

Now comes the challenge of having to do it all at once, ready or not. For some, the challenges are strictly around technology. For others it’s having to create the processes that ensure effective collaboration, so that a newly remote team doesn’t start creating newly constructed silos of inefficiency.

To be effective, a remote workforce requires access to documents and data, and software that enable remote collaboration. Luckily for the latecomers, the tools and technology are all here, and provide benefits you will leverage for greater efficiency even after COVID-19 is finally behind us.

A Safe Way to Capture Your Documents & Data Remotely

Converting documents into digital files is necessary for a collaborative, yet geographically dispersed workforce. With software like PSIcapture, employees can scan, extract, index, and upload documents and data into your shared drive via VPN, Microsoft SharePoint, cloud file sharing, and if you’re really in the know, cloud document management – this is the most efficient way to make this information accessible to your entire organization. Not only does this facilitate teamwork, it also provides the opportunity for increased productivity. 

PSIcapture streamlines a wide variety of business functions, including:

  • Accounts payable
  • HR
  • Legal
  • Claims processing
  • EOBs
  • Loan applications
  • New customer boarding
  • Any other document-related process

Onramp to Your ECM & SharePoint

PSIcapture integrates with over 60 different electronic content management (ECM) systems, allowing you to quickly streamline workflows within your organization. With direct SharePoint integration, PSIcapture automatically ingests documents, extracts data, and routes documents to the appropriate SharePoint libraries. 

For many of our clients with a newly remote workforce, their employees now “scan from home” with PSIcapture and a desktop scanner, while PSIcapture also automatically monitors email inboxes, stripping off attachments for processing. As a result, documents are now processed in a fraction of the time – the dawn of a new era of productivity. 

From streamlining document processing and audits to reducing the cost of physical storage, PSIcapture was built for flexibility and scalability. The workflow is simple, yet effective and can bring effortless automation to your teams, no matter where they’re getting their work done. 

PSIcapture’s versatility enables implementation in virtually any environment, establishing a solid foundation for virtual collaboration. 

PSIGEN Starts with Solutions

Our priority is providing solutions for our clients to implement quickly and easily. As a global leader in digitization, PSIGEN can get your remote workforce up to speed and working together quickly – this is how we’ve worked as a company for years.

Despite all of the other challenges the coronavirus has thrown at us, working efficiently and staying connected doesn’t have to be one of them. 

Contact us today if we can assist you in on-ramping your data into your digital environment.

Jessica Rivers

Jessica Rivers

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