PSIGEN Releases Toshiba MFP Document Routing Panel

(Boca Raton, FL)–( June 1, 2015)– PSIGEN Software, Inc., the leader in advanced capture and scanning solutions, is pleased to announce the release of the PSIcapture Routing Panel for Toshiba scanning devices. The new panel provides a minimalist, easy-to-configure interface, allowing the user to scan documents from a Toshiba scanning device directly into a PSIcapture workflow, which will auto-route them to their destination.

“PSIGEN is thrilled about the progression of scanning capabilities and the future of Advanced Data Capture as a whole. We are revolutionizing how scanned documents can be utilized in everyday industry, with key focuses in the banking, education, finance, healthcare and legal fields. In places where human errors can lead to costly mistakes, scanned data is transformed to usable, measured information in a matter of minutes, with little to no human intervention,” said Chris Brown, Business Development Manager at PSIGEN Software, Inc.

“Toshiba, a recognized leader in technology, has integrated their simple user interface with our powerful Advanced Data Capture capabilities and can now offer its customers a seamless pathway from paper documents to a world-class line of business applications.”

The PSIcapture Panel for Toshiba works by configuring destination buttons with the folders where scanned documents will be routed. The administrator can also assign various security roles, such as Accounting and Legal. These roles can then be assigned to users and destination buttons to determine which buttons will be displayed for a given user. The administrator will also determine the default file name for each scanned document, and a date/time stamp will be added to the end of each file name.

Once the panel is configured, users will be able to quickly choose the destination for their documents at scan time. Once they have done that, they shouldn’t have to interact with the documents again until they need to access them from the document repository.

The PSIcapture Routing Panel for Toshiba is the perfect solution for distributed scanning environments where several users need to be able to scan documents for various purposes. Its ability to provide a fully automated solution from scan time to migration to an ECM makes it a must-have for users of Toshiba devices. For more information on the panel, view the Panel Integration page here.

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