PSIGEN Releases PSIfusion 2.0 Document Capture Indexing & QC Software

New Version Introduces or Enhances Many Features

PSIGEN is pleased to announce the release of PSIfusion Version 2.0. The new version introduces several new and enhanced features to the Fusion product, as well as bug fixes. Our focus for these enhancements is to improve document management for teams and individual users.

The updated version allows users to break single multiple-page documents into individual documents, as well as combine documents via drag and drop. Documents in a queue can now be combined, and each Team now supports an incoming queue that can receive documents for distribution to Team members. We have also expanded the email notification options to include receiving notifications when documents are posted to user queues, either via new document imports or routing documents between users.

A few of our current features have also been enhanced to provide a better user experience. All PSIfusion document import operations are now handled by the background processing service, and index field masking is now supported with fully configurable formatting. We have also resolved the issue of freezing during login that users were experiencing when loading queues of more than 1,000 documents.

Learn more about PSIfusion and how it can improve your capture workflow here.

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