PSIGEN Announces the Release of PSIcapture 7.5

PSIcapture Advanced Document Capture

Processing your content just got better with PSIcapture 7.5. We are excited to launch this version of PSIcapture because of some key, new features developed in concert with key partners around the globe. This overview provides a bite-sized digest of new features and enhancements with the latest release of this product. For additional information on features and a list of bugs fixed in this release, please refer to the PSIcapture 7 Version History.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Email Connector 2.0: Automating email processing has never been so important. Besides the runaway volumes in your own email inbox, an ever-increasing number of vendors are using email to conduct business. It’s simple, cheap, and efficient – right? With the new Email Connector 2.0 we deliver better stability and a host of other features, including:
    • New Aspose Engine: We’ve added a new, primary engine to process your emails. Powered by Aspose, the new email engine is more reliable, looks cleaner, and handles all the weird stuff better.
    • Time-Sensitive: We know that time is money, so we added the ability to harvest email datetime stamps in both local and UTC time.
    • Hey, Good-Looking: Emails need to look good, too! We’ve added better fidelity and formatting to the rendering of emails so you don’t have to squint or turn sideways to read them. We even let you customize some of the settings. We think you’ll like it a better.
    • Heads and Tails: Why not both? We added the ability to include the email header information when rendering your emails so it looks more like printed emails.
    • Backup Engine: … and because some people like black and white televisions better, we left the old Mailkit engine as a hot swap just in case.
  • Double-Blind Entry with Third-Party Validation (Re-Key) Process: Aside from the fact that an engineer named this feature, it’s pretty slick. We’ve enhanced our normal re-key process to allow for not just two, but three validation points during manual indexing. A great use case we’ve been working on is allowing two data entry personnel to independently key values that are then validated by a supervisor if they don’t match. Combine with data-lookups and the other goodies in PSIcapture and you’ll be sure to win the hearts and minds of even the most distrusting, government official.
  • Suppress OCR Preparation and Re-Run Auto Indexing Prompts: It’s common for workflows to have an auto indexing step followed by a manual indexing step. Rather than answer pesky questions, now you may choose to suppress these and set the default action of “no thank you” instead.
  • Azure Activity Directory (AAD) Authentication Support for Azure SQL Databases: We worked directly with Microsoft to bring you AAD authentication for database lookups to Azure SQL. You can now use managed or federated accounts to bring in data to your workflow right from Azure.
  • … and many more enhancements and fixes, including an upgrade to the Infragistics toolkit; improved email notifications for suspended batches; enhanced UI elements for high resolution displays; and a few annoying squashed bugs.

Special thanks to our partners for working with us on these additional features and fixes. Your continued support (and maintenance revenue) allows us to keep making PSIcapture better.

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