PSIGEN Provides Nonprofit with Transformative Document Management Solutions

When Attention Homes of Northwest Alabama, a local Alabama nonprofit that works with at-risk youth, needed a document capture and management solution, PSIGEN and Epson worked together to provide a powerful document capture and management platform, PSIsafe.

Attention Homes works with at-risk, troubled, and abused youth ages 10-18, providing safe housing, one-on-one tutoring, counseling, and more. With two group homes serving Lauderdale, Colbert, and Franklin counties, impacting approximately 100 children per year, the Attention Homes team works hard to meet the physical, mental health, educational, and emotional needs of the children.

Each student case requires extensive paperwork, file notes, and physical documents that, over time, become a costly and time-consuming drain on administrative resources. Working closely with the Attention Homes team, PSIGEN assessed the nonprofit’s needs and implemented a document capture and management solution to help alleviate the burden of paper documents. Armed with donated Epson scanners and PSIsafe, a powerful document management platform, the Attention Homes team gained time to focus more on the heart of their mission: helping children.

Hear the story, in their words:

“It was a match made in heaven, An absolute win-win situation.”
Teresa Robertson
Executive Director of Attention Homes

A Digital Solution for High-Volume Paperwork

With such extensive physical documentation, the Attention Homes administrators found that they were spending less time working directly with the children and more time focusing on required paperwork. PSIGEN’s Internal Trainer, Donna Thackerson, recognized this workflow bottleneck while volunteering for the organization, and quickly proposed a solution for the team.

“It was a match made in heaven,” said Teresa Robertson, Executive Director of Attention Homes, speaking of PSIGEN’s partnership. “An absolute win-win situation.”

The greatest pain points of the organization included bringing files of paperwork to and from parent meetings, court hearings and more. Prior to implementing the digital solutions, the paperwork process was slow, inefficient and a drain on manual resources. But with four Epson scanners to digitize these documents – two at the main office and two in each of the care homes – and PSIsafe document management software to make them instantly available for viewing even from the courtroom on a mobile device, Attention Homes achieved their goals of:

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the document management system also aided the organization with their Payroll Protection Program (PPP) Forgiveness Loan application, along with other financial relief assistance.

Enabling Remote Work

“For a small nonprofit like us, to have scanners in the group homes where we operate 24/7, 365 days a year – it’s huge to have that remote work capability,” said Robertson. “It’s a luxury to nonprofits like us.”

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the shift to a digital platform has greatly benefitted Attention Homes, allowing their services to continue while working from the safety of their homes.

“With COVID, knowing I can do everything at home has really helped out,” said Breanna Minyard, one of Attention Homes’ social workers. Switching to digital documents is not just convenient, Minyard said, it allows her to get more done from any location or device.

“It’s a big win for me,” said Minyard. “There’s not a day that doesn’t go by where I don’t enjoy having everything so accessible and understandable.”

PSIsafe document management software is entirely customizable to look and function the way you need it to. With an intuitive interface and easy integration capabilities, there’s no steep learning curve or drain on productivity. From small nonprofits like Attention Homes to larger for-profit organizations, PSIsafe seamlessly delivers cost-effective, cloud-based efficiency to help you eliminate unproductive workflows, enable remote working and to focus on what really matters.

About Attention Homes

Designed as an alternative to jail or juvenile detention, Attention Homes keeps at-risk and troubled youth out of detention and in a safe, loving environment. Children are referred to the program through the Juvenile Court System of Alabama as a result of police action, family conflict, divorce, or other risk factors occurring in the child’s life. Funded by United Way, the Department of Youth Services, the Alabama Department of Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention and other outside grants, Attention Homes relies on the generosity of the community and volunteers to assist with the support and care of the children they serve.

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