Advanced Document Capture and Automation Software

Turn documents, databases and email data into actionable information.

PSIcapture does much more than just convert documents from paper to digital format. Its advanced, automated document capture and data extraction designed to meet all the needs of any organization.


High-speed, high-accuracy capture ingests virtually any document from many different sources, including high-speed scanners, MFP’s, and watched folders.

Extract & Classify

Extract the data you need and identify documents by type, using powerful automation tools that won’t slow your production down.

Migrate/ Publish

Migrate (or publish) to many different Document Management, Line of Business and ECM Systems through either load files or direct connection.

Work the Way You Want with PSIcapture.

Organizations use an array of scanning devices and document management applications to meet their needs, which are subject to change over time. PSIcapture is unique in its ability to integrate with any scanning device and route information to more than 60 ECM systems. No matter the size and scope of an organization, whether it has 10 employees in one office or 500 scattered across several locations, PSIcapture will make document processes easy and efficient.

Competitively priced, truly scalable and uniquely versatile, PSIcapture is the ideal document capture solution. A single capture platform designed to meet all the needs of an organization, including document scanning and import, forms processing, data capture, OCR/ICR data extraction and the ability to migrate the information into a document repository.

The Power of (Many) Processors

PSIGEN's Proprietary n+1 Processor Balancing for OCR.

PSIcapture has the ability to leverage high-powered computers by utilizing multiple core processors. The base OCR module will consume four (4) CPUs/Cores. We have the ability to utilize 4, 8, 12, or 16 core processors to increase processing power.

The speed of the OCR processing will increase (up to 7x faster overall and up to 12x faster for recognition alone) depending on how many processors are being used.

Multicore OCR Icon of linked processors
4-Core OCR (Standard)
Baseline 3.8x Faster*
8-Core OCR
Up to 6.9x Faster
12-Core OCR
Up to 9.3x Faster
16-Core OCR
Up to 12.1x faster

*Multiples are calculated against tested speeds using a single core as a baseline. 

PSIGEN Believes in transparency. If you would like to learn more about our testing methodologies, please download our PSIcapture Multi-Core OCR Datasheet.

Download the Multicore OCR Datasheet to learn more.

Why Choose PSIcapture?

PSIcapture’s advanced document capture and data extraction features were developed with the real needs of businesses in mind. The tools provided through PSIcapture allow businesses to streamline their information—whether physical documents, digital files, incoming faxes or another format—extract the important information to convert them to searchable PDFs, and route it all to a digital repository.

This is about much more than just converting documents from paper to digital format. It’s about turning your data into useful information that can be used to run your business more efficiently.

New in PSIcapture 7.7: ACE 3.0

What is ACE? PSIGEN's Accelerated Classification Engine (ACE) is a cutting-edge automatic document identification feature that allows users to build Classification rules in the middle of a workflow without breaking stride.

Instead of configuring rules for Classification prior to running the workflow, ACE makes it possible for Knowledge Workers to import never-before-seen documents and simply verify the automatic Classification that ACE has completed during the workflow. 

Taking it a step further, ACE can access existing sets of indexed information, find their location on the form and extract the data you are looking for. With ACE, users can simply validate the Classification and Data Extraction that ACE has intelligibly identified, reducing a process that once took hours to under a minute. 

Net result? Time saved becomes money saved, and productivity is enhanced significantly.

The Classification module provides the following features:

ACE 3.0 Makes Classification Builds Even Faster.

Ace 1.0 (2015)
Baseline: 1x
Ace 2.0 (2018)
ACE 2: 150% faster
Ace 3.0 (2021)
ACE 3: 400% faster setup

Download the PSIcapture Case Study to learn more.

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