PSIcapture provides a direct integration with SharePoint, which allows users to capture documents, extract data and route indexed documents directly into the appropriate SharePoint Libraries and Folders.

By connecting with your SharePoint site, PSIcapture is able to look up existing data from your site to populate index fields. That indexed data can be mapped to a SharePoint site’s Managed Metadata, Libraries and Content Types, so that when documents are routed to the SharePoint site, the indexed data will be attached to the appropriate fields designated in SharePoint. Users can also create a file-naming scheme and pre-configured folder structures directly from PSIcapture.


Secure Authentication

To ensure proper authentication, PSIcapture offers several options, including ADFS, NTLM web services and Forms-Based Authentication. PSIcapture also has a Mixed Mode authentication option, which allows for multiple ways of connecting.


Scanning & Importing Documents to SharePoint

PSIcapture allows users to scan documents from any network scanning device, dedicated scanner or MFP. PSIcapture can also connect to fax servers, network folders and SharePoint WebDAV folders for easy document import.


Easy PDF Creation & Data Extraction

PSIcapture allows you to standardize naming structures and document and folder-naming schemes for optimal organization in your SharePoint Site. You can also determine folder design within PSIcapture, using either preexisting folders or creating new ones directly from PSIcapture. Automatically publish captured documents into the appropriate SharePoint Site, Library and Folder with PSIcapture’s Migration configuration.

What can PSIGEN do with SharePoint?

  • Import SharePoint Document Library configuration to pre-configure PSIcapture
  • Select SharePoint Site based on metadata (multi-Site in One Batch)
  • Publish documents and metadata to Document Libraries
  • Populate Term Stores to support Managed Metadata
  • Create Document Libraries on the fly – named by metadata
  • Create Folder Structure – named by Metadata (unlimited levels)
  • Use SharePoint as a provider lookup

Total Integration with SharePoint

PSIcapture’s SharePoint integration is the missing piece to your SharePoint puzzle. With the preconfigured document type, PSIcapture automatically sets up a workflow for migration to SharePoint.

White Paper: Leverage SharePoint with PSIcapture

Although SharePoint is an extremely useful business tool, many organizations simply aren’t using it to their full advantage. This White Paper shows you how to make the most of your SharePoint-PSIcapture integration.