The legal industry is responsible for handling a massive amount of documents.

Case files can easily stack up to several reams of paper, and compliance laws require much of this information to be kept on file by law firms, courts and legal departments. Combine that with the added challenge of securing confidential information, such as witness addresses and client social security numbers, and those in the legal industry have their hands full. Converting files into searchable PDFs and automating the processes of Bates stamping, redaction and data extraction, is the optimal solution to the problem.


Simple Interactive or Automated Workflows

PSIcapture provides advanced document capture capabilities utilizing dedicated scanners, multifunction printers (MFPs), fax servers or monitored network folders. PSIcapture can import documents for a document capture and data extraction workflow using any of these methods, meaning you don’t have to change your current infrastructure in order to implement PSIGEN products. Workflows can be configured to allow for various levels of interactive or automated document processing.


Automated or Manual Redaction & Bates Stamping

Redaction is often an essential step for legal document processing. Documents that will be used for external consumption may need to have personal information such as addresses, phone numbers and social security numbers redacted to protect the privacy of clients and witnesses. PSIcapture allows for simple redaction to be performed manually through the Quality Assurance module or automatically.


Easy PDF Creation & Data Extraction

PSIcapture’s robust Optical Character Recognition (OCR) converts documents into searchable PDFs and extracts important data for indexing. It can be used with our automation tools like Classification and Advanced Data Extraction (ADE) to simplify and speed up processing.


ECM & Case Management System Integration

PSIcapture makes integration with your ECM or Case Management System easy. We provide migrations to more than 60 systems, including several geared for the legal industry such as Concordance, Summation and Worldox.

What can a law firm or legal department gain from implementing a PSIGEN solution?

  • Easy and secure access to all of your documents in one central location
  • Customize and automate Bates stamping within PSIcapture
  • Easily redact personal client information from documents going out for external consumption
  • Process documents from existing cases and stop paying to store physical files
  • Easily migrate files into a case management system such as Worldox or Summation


PSIcapture provides a convenient, secure and simple way to capture documents, extract crucial information and route them to a digital repository as searchable files.