Employee files are packed with documents such as resumes, applications, tax information, evaluations and other paperwork.

Employers are generally required by law to keep these records on file for the duration of employment and sometimes even after an employee leaves the company. Moving records over to a digital format can make it easier to manage these documents, as well as to comply with regulations that require documents to be securely kept on file.

PSIGEN has a plethora of automation and efficiency-based features that provide for an easy and effective solution to your HR document management problems.


Automated Classification

HR departments generally house many different form types. With so many various document types, scanning and digitally storing documents in an organized manner can be a complex task. PSIcapture’s Classification module, featuring the Accelerated Classification Engine (ACE), takes the manual work out of classifying various document types. You can simply configure new document types during the workflow, and ACE can even perform the classification for you by accessing existing databases and automatically classifying documents.


Improved Compliance

PSIGEN helps HR departments to comply with government-mandated regulations and corporate policies by providing thorough security. PSIGEN integrates with your ECM’s security system, meaning there are no gaps in security during the capture and extraction process. Security is also enhanced when you use PSIGEN to move documents from paper format or network file storage to secure digital storage. This greatly reduces the chance that the documents will be accessed by unauthorized personnel and allows for organized access to those who do need to quickly and efficiently access documents.


A Scalable HR Solution

PSIGEN allows you to continue using the scanning devices your company has already invested in by easily integrating with any network scanner, MFP or fax server. Import your documents quickly and efficiently into PSIcapture without having to make new hardware purchases. PSIGEN is also compatible with more than 60 ECM systems, giving you the freedom to utilize the program that best suits your company’s needs. PSIGEN’s scalability also allows organizations to expand or downsize as needed, so that no matter what direction you decide to take your company in, your PSIGEN solution can come along for the ride.

What can you gain from improving your human resources department?

  • Lower the overall costs associated with the hiring process
  • Reduce the cost of labor and physical storage
  • Easily and securely access all employee files in one central location
  • Comply with regulations and prevent loss and theft of important records
  • Allow HR staff to focus on enhancing company culture instead of spending hours on data entry and paperwork

Have You Tried PSIcapture?

PSIcapture provides a convenient, secure and simple way to capture documents, extract crucial information and route them to a digital repository as searchable files.