PSIGEN’s solutions were built for flexibility and scalability.

We understand there’s no one-size-fits-all AP solution for all organizations, so our products are designed to meet the needs of companies of all sizes and structures. PSIcapture can integrate with your organization’s scanners, MFPs, fax servers and network folders, as well as your document repository.

PSIGEN’s products can be scaled to suit growing companies, as well as those that need to downsize. It’s fully customizable and flexible, making it the most sensible document capture option for Accounts Payable departments at any company.

Why Choose PSIGEN’s AP solution?

  • Improve the audit process
  • Reduce the cost of processing an invoice and save significant money in the long-run
  • Trade in late payment penalties for early payment discounts
  • Eliminate or greatly reduce the issue of lost invoices
  • Increase the overall productivity of Accounts Payable staff by eliminating or greatly reducing manual data entry
  • Reduce the amount of time staff spends processing invoices

Automated Invoice Processing

Manual invoice processing is time-consuming and expensive. PSIGEN’s automated AP processing tools help companies experience cost-savings and improved productivity by eliminating tedious manual tasks.

Reduce the time spent processing an invoice and cut costs.

Average time to manually process an invoice
Average time to process an invoice with AP automation
Average cost to manually process an invoice
Average cost to process an invoice with AP automation

Example: The average cost to process an invoice manually is $22.75. If you manually process 1,000 invoices per month, or 12,000 per year, assuming your processing is the same as the average, invoice processing costs our business $273,000 annually. If you switch to automated invoice processing, the average cost to process the invoice is about $3.40, so the cost of processing the same amount of invoices for one year is $40,800. That’s an annual savings of $232,200.b


b Jan, William & Pezza, Scott. (2012). “AP Invoice Management in a Networked Economy.” Aberdeen Group.