How to Optimize Your SharePoint Investment with Document Capture

Optimize your SharePoint Investment with Document Capture

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If you’re new to the concept of document capture, you might be wondering how it relates to a program like Microsoft SharePoint.

SharePoint is, among other things, a document management system (DMS). It’s a great way to store and manage information digitally. But how do you move your information into SharePoint?

That’s where document capture comes in. Capture bridges the gap between scanning and SharePoint by providing a fast and easy way to capture documents, extract metadata, turn the documents into searchable PDFs and classify them based on form type—before they ever enter SharePoint.

PSIcapture provides several features to enhance the process and make the user experience easy and efficient:

For the import process, Extended File Format (EFF) allows you to capture documents in any format, be it a physical paper file, a Word document or an image file. SharePoint users can also take advantage of auto-import using SharePoint WebDAV.

To make configuration easy, SharePoint users can take advantage of the preconfigured SharePoint Document Type. Using this Document Type will configure the workflow to specifically accommodate integration with SharePoint.

To ensure proper authentication, PSIcapture offers several options, including ADFS, NTLM web services and Forms-Based Authentication.

To speed up the indexing process, you can run lookups with your SharePoint site to populate index fields. From there you can simply map the indexed information to SharePoint Metadata columns.

To easily export your documents to SharePoint, you can choose the specific location for your documents in the Migration step. You can choose an existing Library or create a new one.

Want more information on using PSIcapture for your SharePoint solution? Download PSIGEN’s free white paper “Leverage SharePoint with PSIcapture.” Need some questions answered? Send a quick email to our sales team and they’ll be happy to help.

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