How to Transition to a This-Century Office

While it may feel as if the workplace entered an entirely different era in recent days, the changes have been underway since long before any of us knew “corona” as anything but a beach beer.

Technological advances, changing cultural norms and a new generation of workers have been contributing to the distribution of the workplace for some time, even if the shift can look pretty different from one industry to the next.

While the threat around the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic – including the economic fallout – is still evolving, there’s little question that being further along in the digital transformation has helped to blunt the disruption for many businesses.

The ability to get work done without being tied to a single physical location or to a stack of paper is more than a competitive edge. In many cases, it has become a competitive necessity.

The this-century workplace is about far more than where you get your work done. It’s about how you get your work done. It starts with the right document management solution.

Achieve a Digital Transformation (Better Late Than Never)

Here are 5 trends for the workplace of right now that document management can help you tackle:

  1. Remote Work. The remote workforce is growing – an estimated 4.7 million employees currently work from home, a number that has grown by 44% in the past five years, according to an analysis of U.S. Census Bureau and Bureau of Labor Statistics data by the consulting firm Global Workplace Analytics. That number will most likely increase over the coming years, as a result of current world events, and as technology enables even greater flexibility and remote collaboration. With PSIcapture’s advance document capture tools, automated workflow processes make information easily available to your employees when and where they need it.
  2. Demand for Transparency. Transparency drives trust, helps build tight workplace relationships, and creates an environment where everyone is aligned and focused on the big picture. Document management helps facilitate transparency because it allows employees to see the big picture, accessing documents and data from secure and customizable digital platforms.
  3. Culture of Collaboration. The modern workforce is a highly collaborative workforce that thrives in an atmosphere of shared experience and contribution. Document and workflow management technology drives collaboration and innovation by making it easy to share information.
  4. Instantaneous Information. As we discussed in our blog post Speed Matters, rapid access to information is not a bonus, it’s an expectation your customers bring to every interaction and working at the speed of yesterday’s business process will cost you business.
  5. Environmental Consciousness. Environmental sustainability is likewise an expectation from your customers and employees alike. Document management is an essential part of reducing unnecessary paper processes, including excessive printing, copying and storing of paper.

It’s Not too Late

Is it time to get your company ready for the workplace of right now? Reach out to us to learn more about implementing advanced document capture and cloud document management at your organization.

Contact us to learn more about digitally transforming your workforce.

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