How to Simplify Records Management in Schools

Automated capture + distributed indexing = simplified records management

Records management in schools is a complex task. Student files include dozens of various documents, such as transcripts, medical information, test scores and regulatory forms like FERPA. All of this information must be kept up to date and secure in order to comply with federal law and to be accessible to students.

The easiest way to keep all of these documents organized is to digitally store them in one central location where they can be easily searched for and accessed by the appropriate personnel. Of course, that’s more easily said than done. However, with the right document capture software, organizing these documents can actually become a painless process.

PSIGEN eases the pain of managing student records with advanced document capture and data extraction technology. With PSIGEN’s PSIcapture and PSIfusion, schools can easily streamline the process of managing records. With a fully integrated solution, processing searchable documents into a content management system becomes fast, easy and convenient—even for large institutions with thousands of students.

It all starts with importing the documents. PSIcapture can capture documents from any network scanner or multi-function printer (MFP), making it easy for workers in various departments across campus to scan documents. PSIcapture also has Extended File Format capability, allowing users to import documents in digital format. Once imported, documents are made searchable with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. PSIcapture also has the ability to automate indexing in order to extract the appropriate metadata and can connect to an existing database to speed up the process.

Captured documents can then be routed to PSIfusion to be validated. With PSIfusion, users can access captured documents through a browser from any approved device. Once documents are routed to a PSIfusion queue, the user can verify the accuracy of the indexed information. If information is incorrect or missing, the user can run a lookup directly from PSIfusion with the connected database, to locate the right data. Once the information has been verified, they can be automatically routed to the content management system.

The seamless combination of PSIcapture and PSIfusion provides the most convenient, manageable way to handle the vast assortment of student records schools need to keep on file. Because PSIGEN’s products are so compatible with hardware and other software products—including 60 ECM systems—this combination is the ideal choice for any school. Not only does this solution streamline and automate document capture and indexing, but it also allows schools to leverage existing investments, like scanners, MFPs and content management systems. Save money, improve records management and create smart, efficient processes with PSIGEN.

Learn more about PSIcapture and PSIfusion, or contact a sales member to find out how you can implement PSIGEN for education. Also check out a case study where PSIcapture and PSIfusion provided a records management solution for Limestone College.

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