How to Optimize Mailroom Productivity with Document Capture

Automate mailroom processes to optimize productivity.

The office mailroom—it’s not exactly a labyrinth, but it’s probably not a place you’re particularly fond of either. It’s the place where incoming and outgoing documents amass, ever-so-slowly building up until, before you know it, a paper mountain emerges. The mountain looms over the tiny members of your office, daring any one of you to attempt to make sense of the individual documents that make up its perilous terrain.

Perhaps your experience with the mailroom isn’t quite that dramatic, but you get the point. Mailrooms can be messy, difficult to navigate and downright unmanageable. But there’s good news. With the help of document capture, you can tame the chaos of the mailroom and make it a functional, well-organized mechanism.

Here are some ways PSIGEN’s document capture and data extraction tools can help you take control of the mailroom:

  • No more sorting. Unfortunately, when mail enters your building it doesn’t automatically sort itself. Depending on how much mail you receive, sorting mail can be a time-consuming task that takes employees away from more important work. With PSIcapture’s Classification feature, employees can scan mail into PSIcapture right when it arrives without having to sort it or enter the document type beforehand. Classification will automatically determine what type of document has been scanned and classify it as such.
  • Different mailrooms, same process. If your business has mailrooms at multiple locations, you’re in luck. PSIcapture allows you to scan documents from multiple locations. With auto-import, PSIcapture can monitor hot folders for incoming documents and automatically ingest them into a workflow. That way, if important documents like invoices or contracts are mailed to separate locations, they can still be processed at your company’s headquarters or main office by the authorized administrators.
  • Access mailed documents quickly. Waiting around for mail to be processed can negatively impact your company’s productivity and profitability. Whether you’re waiting on a signed contract, a new order or an invoice, mailroom backlog can hinder progress and can end up costing your business. If unpaid invoices are sitting around in the mailroom for days before they’re processed, you’re likely missing out on prompt pay discounts or risking being penalized for late payments. By automating mailroom capture, documents that are delivered via mail can be scanned and captured upon arrival and routed to your document repository that same day, so you can stay on top of the tasks that need immediate attention.

Don’t waste another ounce of productivity with your manual mailroom processes. Get started with mailroom capture and routing through PSIcapture’s advanced document capture technology. Contact a PSIGEN team member today to learn more!

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