How to Increase your Organization’s Efficiency

Use Document Capture to Connect Employees with Information

Last week on the blog we discussed the need for businesses to address their inefficient processes. Processes that are outdated, slow, ineffective—or all of the above—have no place in your organization.

So now that we’ve addressed the importance of dealing with these inefficiencies, what’s the next step?

At the center of many process inefficiencies is one critical issue that can cost your organization valuable time and money. It’s the problem of information management. Where is the information your employees need to perform their jobs well? Who has access to it? Who really understands how to find it? And is the process of accessing it simple, or is it a complex system that takes up your employees’ valuable time and forfeits their productivity?

The key to effective information management is pretty simple: connect your employees to your information. It sounds easy enough, but for many organizations, this can be a huge undertaking. They might have information stored in physical file cabinets, off-site storage locations, digital file shares, or a combination of places. Transferring all of those documents into one central location will take time and energy—things some organizations might be hesitant to invest.

But what if you could move all of your information into a central location without dedicating a significant amount of time doing it?

With a document capture workflow through PSIcapture, that is absolutely possible. Automation features like Auto-Import, Classification and Advanced Data Extraction (ADE) can be used to create a seamless process that allows you to scan or import documents into PSIcapture, run a workflow on them to extract the key data and migrate them to your document repository. You can have manual control over certain steps if you want, but it can be as automated as you want it to be to suit your organization’s purposes.

With information readily available to them from a document repository in the form of searchable files, your employees can spend their working hours being productive and providing excellent customer service. There will no longer be a need to spend valuable time searching for information, hunting down documents or replacing documents that have been lost or destroyed. Your organization will save money by eliminating these costs, and gain exceedingly more by providing employees with an environment conducive to performing their jobs efficiently.

Want to find out more about using a document capture solution to help your business become more efficient? Learn more about PSIcapture here or contact one of our sales representatives to have all your questions answered!

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