How to Get Your Organization Passionate About Document Management

5 Ways to Get the Team Fired up about Automation and Efficiency.

At first glance, document management can seem like a sleep-inducing topic. Even if your company has a serious need for document process reform, researching the options, learning the ins and outs of information management and trying to get all the decision-makers in your organization on board can be extremely challenging.

How do you get your company excited about improving their document processes? Here are 5 ways to approach the topic that will help others in your organization recognize the benefits:

  1. Consider the cost savings associated with automating your document processes. Although it might be difficult to determine exactly how much money your company will save by automating their processes, you can look at average statistics to help you determine what your cost savings will be. Here are some examples: •  Manually processing one invoice costs an average of $22.75. Automating invoice processing drops that cost to $3.40 per invoice.
    •  It costs $25-$50 to create a file folder, and a lost file costs between $125 and $300 to replace. If you opt for capturing your documents and storing them digitally, these costs disappear.
    •  An average 4-drawer file cabinet costs around $25,000 to fill and $2,000 annually to maintain. With a document management system, you’ll no longer have the need to store thousands of paper files in physical filing cabinets.
  2. Discuss how it will improve employee happiness. Studies show that happy employees are significantly more productive than unhappy workers. Talk to your co-workers or employees about the manual processes that are slowing down their productivity. Allow them to outline their frustrations with the current system so that you can determine what the major sources of bottlenecking and delays are. Then discuss how a new system will help to improve these issues and make their jobs easier. If the system can help eliminate unnecessary work and stress from their lives, it is already proving its worth in your workplace.
  3. Look at how the system will give you a competitive advantage. In our increasingly competitive marketplace, staying ahead of the competition is imperative for maintaining a successful business. Don’t wait until everyone else in your industry has a more efficient system than you before you begin to make improvements. Set the standard for your industry by harnessing the technology to make your company the most efficient one on the market.
  4. Talk about the how it will improve security. With more and more companies falling prey to data breaches and hacks, it’s more important than ever to make sure your company’s information is secure. A good document capture solution, along with a secure document management system, will protect your data. The security features in these systems will also help you comply with industry regulations much more easily than if you keep all of your important data stored in physical files.
  5. Discuss how the system will improve customer service. If there is one area your business can’t afford to fall behind in, it’s customer service. We’re living in the age of the customer, and anything that can help improve customer experience is crucial. Automating your document processes with a good system will help improve customer service by allowing your employees to quickly access information to answer questions and resolve issues.

Once you start to examine the benefits of reforming your document processes, the case for making the change starts to become something to not only agree with, but to actually get excited about.

A complete document management system has three main elements: a tool to scan documents or a network folder to import them digitally, a document capture and data extraction tool, and an enterprise content management system (ECM). At PSIGEN, we are dedicated to providing customers with the absolute best in document capture and data extraction, with tools that have the ability to seamlessly integrate with any scanning device and any document repository. Want to learn more about how PSIGEN’s solution can help you build an efficient document management system that will truly benefit your organization? Contact us here today or call (949) 916-7700.

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