How OMR Helps Schools Assess & Address Student Needs

Automate data extraction and improve education with PSIcapture.

Gathering data from exams and surveys is an important aspect of education. In order to assess student knowledge and comprehension, as well as other information like student health and behaviors, schools—both K-12 and higher education institutions—must be able to gather and analyze data.

Analyzing data gives schools a competitive edge by allowing administrators to proactively create curriculum and policies that meet the needs of the student body. If schools can gather accurate data in a timely manner, that data can become a powerful tool for improving the quality of education they provide. With PSIGEN’s automation tools, extracting data from exams and surveys is a simple process that helps get schools well on their way to accurate and useful data analysis.

One of these tools is PSIGEN’s Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) technology, which intelligently reads check boxes or filled-in bubbles on documents and converts the results into meaningful data. OMR can be very useful for many various types of industries, but one area where the benefits are quite obvious is education.

PSIGEN’s OMR technology makes multiple-choice test grading a quick and painless process. A great benefit of PSIcapture’s solution is that you don’t have to use a specific type of form for the software to extract the information. Your PSIcapture workflow can be configured to read various forms, and Classification with the Accelerated Classification Engine (ACE) allows PSIcapture to quickly learn new form types. With ACE, you don’t even need to leave the workflow to configure Classification for a new form—you can do it all within the current batch being run.

The possibilities created by the combination of these advanced technologies are endless. Schools can build custom bubble sheet forms for various types of exams and easily scan them into PSIcapture, which automates the process of classifying the document and extracting the data. The document with the extracted data can then be migrated into whatever third-party system your institution uses, where it can be viewed and analyzed. Not only does this make grading easier, but it also allows teachers and administrators to make meaningful data out of student exams, which then allows them to make informed decisions about curriculum, teaching methods and other educational tools.

The uses for advanced OMR technology stem beyond just tests. It’s also a great tool for gathering all types of information that will be valuable for your school. Collecting data can be a great way for administrators to better understand their school’s climate, student performance on various subjects, and many other areas. Perhaps you want to conduct a survey to determine parent satisfaction, or seek out students’ opinion on school policies or performance. Or maybe you even want to assess student behaviors to better understand their mental or physical health. Whatever the data is that you want to collect, PSIGEN’s OMR solution can make it an easy task. Automate the data extraction process and analyze the results in whatever system you choose as your repository, then make meaningful, targeted policy decisions that specifically address the unique needs of your school or district.

See OMR in action in this quick video or learn more about it by contacting a PSIGEN sales team member.

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