How Advanced Capture Tackles Top 3 Strategic Business Priorities of CEOs

A PSIGEN solution facilitates company growth, improved customer service and a stellar workforce.

It’s no secret that companies are increasingly moving toward digitalization. Up until recently, technological advancements in the workplace were mainly a concern for the IT department. Now business leaders are becoming more involved with digital initiatives, as it becomes clear that these projects directly impact the success and growth of the company.

Gartner’s 2016 CEO Survey looked at the top strategic business priorities of 400 senior business leaders, including CEOs and CFOs of many large organizations generating $1 billion in annual revenue. The study showed that technology and digitalization has become a top priority for the leaders of many organizations. In fact, 84% of those surveyed said they expect digital change will increase profits. When it comes to strategic business priorities, 54% of CEOs listed growth as their primary goal. Customer experience came in second place, with 31% of respondents citing it as their No. 1 business priority for the next two years. This number is up from 21% just one year ago. In third place is an improvement of the workforce at 27%.

Looking at these numbers, it’s clear that CEOs are seeing the connection between digitalization and company success. So how can they take the first step in the right direction?

Investing in advanced document capture is the perfect way to start the transition to digitalization. PSIcapture can help companies accomplish all of these top 3 strategic business priorities. How? Glad you asked!

  1. Growth: Instead of asking “how can your business grow with document capture?” the question really should be “how can your business grow without it?” Advanced capture eliminates time-consuming manual processes, streamlines information, reduces business costs and increases the efficiency of any department that utilizes it. PSIcapture is the foundation for efficient document processing throughout the organization.Lower costs & increased efficiency = happy customers & happy workforce = company growth
  2. Customer Experience: Improving customer service is at the heart of what PSIGEN does. Business “at the speed of paper” simply does not suffice in our digital world. Customers expect quick response times, accurate information when they need it, and well-trained customer service representatives. Advanced capture from PSIGEN allows your business to keep customer information updated and accurate and quickly respond to customers. Having an efficient, streamlined document capture system will also facilitate better collaboration between staff members, which ultimately promotes improved customer service.

Happy customers = repeat business and referrals = company growth
  3. Improving workforce: A great workforce goes hand in hand with excellent customer service, so it’s no wonder workforce improvement was a top priority for CEOs. PSIcapture can be an enormous asset for companies trying to improve their workforce and streamline human resources. Automating document processing with advanced capture can speed up the onboarding process and allow new employees to experience a faster and easier transition into their roles. Cutting back on paperwork and manual data entry can free up your human resources staff to spend their time on employee development. Beyond the HR department, PSIcapture can help reduce manual processes for employees throughout the whole company, which can have a positive impact on employee satisfaction. Happier employees are significantly more productive than are those who are not satisfied with their jobs.Improved workforce = better customer experiences = company growth

Although many of the business leaders surveyed in this study were heads of large companies, your organization does not need to generate $1 billion in annual revenue to benefit from a PSIGEN solution. Many small-to-medium sized businesses face the same issues. A PSIGEN solution is infinitely scalable to fit organizations of any size—from modest startups to the largest companies in the world. This flexibility allows us to serve any sized organization and cater to a wide range of budgets.

Are you one of the many business leaders looking to improve your workforce, boost customer service or facilitate growth for your company? PSIGEN can help you take the first step toward these goals. Contact one of our advanced capture pros today to get started.

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