Evolving HR with Workflow Automation & Document Management

As the economy gradually opens, businesses will have plenty of challenges to navigate as employees begin a return to the workplace or continue as a remote workforce under heightened concerns around COVID-19.

For some industries, the challenges are compounded by a nice-to-have problem: the need to ramp up staff quickly because of shifting demand. NPR reports that groceries, drug stores, food prep services, and other retailers are among companies on a “hiring spree.”

But whatever the industry, it’s time for HR document management and workflow automation software to empower remote workers, increase productivity and eliminate the wearying drudgery of manual HR processes that are overly dependent on paper or repetitive data entry. 

Streamlining HR Processes

PSIsafe document management and workflow automation software makes light work of such time and data-intensive HR processes as onboarding, benefits management, attendance tracking, PTO request management, employee performance evaluations and more. 

With dashboards that are configurable by access level and include a wide array of easy-to-use features, PSIsafe lets users easily track training and certification records, benefits, insurance information, time-off requests, employee evaluations, demerit tracking, and personnel actions, all the way through to termination and record retention scheduling.

Configurable Access for Data Security

Multilevel access settings make it easy to secure sensitive information while providing the necessary access to the right users. PSIsafe makes it easy to control who sees what, with levels of access down to the folder or even the document level. The system will allow you to:

  • Give managers access to performance documents and disciplinary levels for their direct reports only
  • Limit a payroll specialist’s access to just payroll
  • Allow the human resources specialist to view everything across the board
  • Prevent unauthorized access
  • Maintain an audit trail for employee files

Hire, Onboard & Evaluate with Ease

In addition, PSIsafe automatically creates and populates onboarding forms using data collected from documents and data already acquired. This eliminates the need to re-enter information from form to form. 

During the probationary period, while the company evaluates if the employee is a good fit for the job, a demerit system can be used to track problems and provide workers with ongoing feedback.

The PSIsafe’s document wizard creates an infraction document for the employee’s file and can track attendance under a demerit system such as those used in union shops. In the event of a termination, a PDF is pre-populated with information from the employee record and creates an easy-to-use check-off system for managers documenting the circumstances leading to termination.

PSIsafe’s document retention feature ensures that records like I-9 and W-4 forms are retained for the necessary amount of time, with an easy system for scheduling their deletion when appropriate.

HR Workflow Management Made Easy for Complex Times

There’s never a bad time to streamline inefficient and overly complicated workflows and document management processes. Workflow problems could be holding your business back, making this the ideal time to tackle your workflow problems.

At PSIGEN, we can help. We have deep expertise in helping businesses use technology and automation to work smarter, with an array of customizable solutions that let you do more, from wherever you are. 

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