PSIsafe Regional Training May

May 11, 2021 (SOLD OUT)

This training is designed as guide to configuring the building blocks of a PSIsafe Document Management Software environment. This will introduce the key concepts and best practices used to build out your PSIsafe solution.

About the event

The PSIGEN PSIsafe Administrator training course is intended for those users that will have administrative access to their repositories. Days 1-2 will cover topics for business administrators that will be primarily responsible for metadata structure and permissions. We will also cover topics for IT administrators that will be primarily responsible for the implementation and local maintenance for the PSIsafe system.


Virtual Event – EST
(Limited Seats)

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Day 1

  • Prerequisite Review
  • Company/Product History
  • PSIsafe Architecture
  • Project Planning
  • PSIsafe Management
    • Create Repository
    • Create Cabinet
    • Access Rights
    • Create User
    • Document Templates
    • Word & PDF Merge
    • Scheduler
    • Retention
  • PSIsafe Client
    • Create Bookmark
    • Document Import
      • Drag-n-drop
    • Folder Import
    • Advance Folder Index Options
      • Pick List
      • Data Mask
    • Hidden Text
    • Create User Folder
    • Word & PDF Merge
    • Scheduler
    • Retention

Day 2

  • Yesterday Review
    • Scheduler / Retention
  • PSIsafe Management
    • Document Sets
    • User Groups
    • Folder Classes
    • Document Classes
    • Copy Cabinet
    • WorkFlow
      • Manual
      • Fixed
      • Variable
  • PSIsafe Client
    • Document Sets
    • Move User Folder
    • Workflow
  • Customize Layout
    • Custom Columns
  • Super Search
  • Full Text Search
  • PSIsafe Web
  • Connect to PSIsafe Cloud

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