Healthcare Paperwork Automation and Compliance Solution

Healthcare Document Automation Solutions

A complete, automated healthcare document solution that leaves time for more important things.

PSIcapture provides a fast, efficient way to create electronic patient records and integrates with existing Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems.

PSIGEN provides numerous solutions for organizations in the healthcare industry. Whether you’re a hospital, health insurance provider, private medical practice or medical claims processor, PSIGEN can provide your organization with the tools to simplify and improve your document processes.

Automate Processes

PSIcapture’s auto-import functionality allows users to scan documents to more than 60 ECMs, providing seamless migration to whatever system you use for storing records.

Reduce Manual Tasks

PSIcapture’s Classification module allows for the automatic classification of documents, making scanning various types of medical claims, patient record forms and insurance forms easy.

HIPAA Compliance

PSIcapture provides integration with ECM security, applying document security and preventing unauthorized personnel from viewing or editing content, standardized file naming so you can easily retrieve documents, and more.

Why choose PSIGEN's PSIcapture Healthcare Solution?

 “What we were looking for was not just a software solution to minimize paper in the office, but a partner that could grow and change with our needs with regard to HIPAA and confidentiality. Someone that would be in this with us for the long term.”

Noelle DeBortoli
Manager of Administration and Project Lead

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