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10 Things to Consider When Working Remotely

It sure is hard to find a rainbow if you are looking down! So, let's find the bright side amongst the change that is upon us. During a trying time, we want to offer our guidance in your virtual transition. With over a decade of experience working remotely, we are confident we can lend a hand with your virtual office!

How to Transition to a This-Century Office

While it may feel as if the workplace entered an entirely different era in recent days, the changes have been underway since long before any of us knew “corona” as anything but a beach beer.
QuickBooks Document Capture & Management Integration

The Killer QuickBooks App: AP, AR & Accounting Automation

Learn How to Automate the Processing of Invoices/Bills, Payments, Credit Card Charges & More At last count, QuickBooks Desktop on-premise accounting software is used by over 5 million small businesses.
RPA: The Good, Bad & Ugly

Let’s Get Real about RPA

Now that robotic process automation has been a buzzword for awhile, it’s descended from the Peak of Inflated Expectations into the Trough of Disillusionment for many. Before achieving anything that
ROI of Business Automation

The ROI of Business Automation

When researching tools that can make your company more efficient, you come across many different ideas and terms, such as document capture, workflow automation, RPA, and machine learning. The truth:

Clean up your inbox with PSIcapture 7.5

PSIGEN Software, Inc. is extremely excited to bring to you, just in time for the holidays, Version 7.5 of our flagship product, PSIcapture.

SPTechCon 2019: Boston was a Success!

We have just returned from Boston, attending the 2019 SPTechCon, and we had a blast! We hope you enjoyed the learning and meeting all the new people, as much as we did.
Empower Your AP Department by Automating Invoice Processing

How to Transform AP into an Empowered Department

Endless paperwork. Tedious busywork. Grunt work. The daily grind. Office drudgery. Manual labor. Soul-crushing monotony. What do you call having to process AP invoices by hand? Since 1995, our mission
PSIcapture’s Integration with Azure Blob Helps Organizations Cut Storage Costs

PSIcapture Integration with Azure Blob Helps You Cut Storage Costs

There is no doubt that cloud storage systems are becoming a popular option for businesses.
Why Microsoft Azure?

Why Microsoft Azure: A Platform Primer

Many organizations in recent years have been building their cloud strategy around Microsoft Azure.

From PSIGEN Kitchens to Yours

“It will be celebrated with pomp and parade, bonfires and illuminations from one end of this continent to the other.” – John Adams, 2nd President of the United States

3 AP Headaches that Are Completely Avoidable in the Digital Age

It's 2019. AP automation technology is over 15 years old. Are you still processing invoices manually?

AIIM 2019: Lessons Learned at Our RPA, AI, & Blockchain Roundtable

With AIIM 2019 in the books, we thought we’d share a few observations from our experience at this event, which was attended by 650 people from 29 countries.
Let PSIGEN's RPA Solution Set you Free

RPA: How to Empower Humans & Increase Job Satisfaction

The robots are coming! The robots are coming!
Augment, Automate, and Extend Key Workflows

How to Augment, Automate & Extend Key Workflows

PSIcapture 7.2 includes Box, QuickBooks, and Dynamics GP Migrations.
Growing and Protecting Your Client Base

Growing and Protecting Your Client Base

In San Antonio this past November, I had the privilege of meeting and spending time with many of our partners from around the globe.
From PSIGEN Kitchens to Yours

From PSIGEN Kitchens to Yours

This week we are changing the focus of our blog and working on more important things – helping you with your parties this holiday season!
Knowledge is Power!

eBook Download: The 3 Most Innovative Digital Transformation Trends

They say that, “Knowledge is power.”

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