Effective Date: 4/9/18

Thank you for using PSIGEN Software products and services.

These terms contain the stipulations under which PSIGEN Software provides their services to you.

Invoice and Payment

Customer shall pay for the products and/or services furnished by PSIGEN Software in accordance with the terms of sale stated in their contract and/or invoice. Payments should be made by electronic transfer, credit card or if necessary by check. Customers who are in good standing and pay their invoice within 10 days of their invoice date will receive a 2% discount on the total amount billed (not valid for reimbursed travel expenses or special offers). All customers are responsible for providing complete and accurate billing and contact information to PSIGEN Software, in addition to notifying us of any changes to such information.

Past Due Accounts

Customers that do not pay their invoice/invoices by the specified due date will receive notice that their account is past due and at risk of being suspended. Any invoiced amount not paid to PSIGEN Software within 15 days after the due date will result in immediate service interruption. If the item purchased cannot be interrupted like (services, training, renewals) the company will be moved to a Cash on Order Account until that invoice is paid. Suspended accounts will incur a reconnect fee of $175. This will be paid along with all past due amounts before service can be restored.


Accounts that are consistently (upon the second time in a calendar year) paid more than 15 days subsequent the invoice due date will be considered NOT in good standing and will no longer be offered the 2% discount option. If an account falls into “NOT in good standing” more than once, a credit card or cash deposit will be required on all new purchases. Accounts with more than 3 negative issues will be converted to a “Cash on Order Account” where all orders must be paid in full before services are rendered.


Exceptions to this policy can only occur via explicit mutually agreeable communications between you and us.